Semen on sheets

Does Semen Stain?

When we get down to some action in the bedroom, despite our best preparation efforts, it can sometimes get a bit messy.

Although cleaning up after is probably the last thing on your mind, acting quickly can help prevent rogue fluids from being too problematic.

One such fluid is semen. So, does semen stain? And if so, what’s the best way to deal with it? Let’s find out.


Does Semen Stain?

The short answer is that semen absolutely can stain fabric if left untreated.

When fresh, it can be white or transparent, but it turns an unattractive yellowish colour as it dries. The stain itself isn’t great to look at, and having to explain it can be even worse.

To understand how to deal with a bit of spilt semen, it’s necessary to understand what it’s made from.

As any cleaning professional will tell you, this information is vital to know what products and methods to use.

Semen is primarily protein. Granted, there are plenty of other things in there, but this is the most important factor for our cleaning options because protein can be a bit tricky to remove. This puts semen in the same stain category as eggs and blood.


How to Deal with Semen to Prevent Stains

If you notice the semen while it’s still fresh, rinse it with cold water as soon as possible.

Make sure you never use warm or hot water, as this causes the proteins to coagulate, making it far more difficult to remove.

In theory, with a quick rinse under the cold tap, you should be able to deal with the worst of the problem.

However, if it’s been allowed to dry, there’s no point rinsing it by hand. You’ll need to go for the washing machine instead.

Start by using a blunt knife or a brush to remove any dried-on solids. This’ll help prevent it from rehydrating in your washing machine.

Then, stick the item in the drum and use biological washing detergent, ideally one known to be a good stain remover. The enzymes will help break down the remaining stain.

You’ll still want to wash it with cold water – 30 degrees Celsius should be the maximum.

Then, air dry the item if possible, as you’ll want to avoid the high temperatures of a tumble dryer.


Cleaning Semen Off Un-Washable Items

hand washing clothes label

The method above is fine for sheets, towels, and clothes, but what can you do about things like furniture, upholstery, or hand-wash-only fabrics?

Well, it’s not too difficult, although you’ll want to deal with as quickly as possible.

Simply mix a tablespoon of heavy-duty detergent with a litre or so of cool water.

Use a cloth to dab the area before applying a gentle scrubbing action.

If the fabric is delicate, blot it instead of scrubbing. When you’ve done what you can, wipe the area down with a cloth and some clean water.

For things like silk or wool, you’ll need to wash by hand following the usual methods.

However, you’ll need to be careful using biological laundry detergent. Both these fabrics contain protein, which the detergent can affect.

A single wash should be okay, but use non-bio if you want to avoid any potential damage.


Final Thoughts

So, to answer the question, does semen stain, we can conclude yes. However, it’s easy to avoid a stain if you deal with any spillage while it’s still wet.

Semen can become more of an issue if allowed to dry, or if you treat it with hot water.

If this happens, it may leave a residue mark that’ll stay there for a long time. So, clean it up while you can!