drying clothes with fan

Can You Dry Clothes with a Fan? (And Should You?)

The answer to this question is absolutely yes! Adding a fan to the room where your clothes are drying can help them dry much quicker.


How Can Using a Fan Help Dry Clothes Quicker?

The usual process of airdrying clothes, whether indoors or outdoors, can take between an hour and a full day, depending on what you’re drying, where you are drying them and how sunny, warm and windy it is.

If you don’t have the option to hang your clothes outdoors to dry, either because of the weather or simply not having the garden space, using an indoor drying rack is the easiest option.

dry clothes with a fan

However, drying clothes inside can be a lengthier process, and if you don’t have the rack in a perfect spot, you may find yourself with clothes that don’t dry as well as they could and end up left with that frustrating damp smell.

Having a space with ventilation and dry air is key to a speedy and successful drying process. If you dry your clothes inside and don’t have the ventilation you would like, then adding a fan into the mix is the perfect solution.

Ideally drying your clothes near an open window is the best method for getting them dryer faster, and a fan will speed the process up even more.

While hanging the clothes on the drying rack, be careful not to have things too close together and ensure that nothing is folded over on itself, which could slow down the process or cause dampness.



fan drying clothes

Placing a fan close to your wet clothes while they air dry will add a pleasant fresh breeze to the room and ensure that the clothes dry faster and without that pesky dampness or lingering bad smell.

This process is effective whether it is winter or summer. Even with radiators on in your house, the fan will create a breeze and freshen the air. This will help the warmth move around and dry the clothes more efficiently than if the rack was simply placed close to the radiator.