40C Washing Machine

How Long Does a 40-Degree Wash Usually Take?

A 40°C wash usually takes between an hour and a half and three and a half hours, depending on the size of the load and the exact cycle chosen.

A 40-degree cotton cycle will take the longest at around three and a half hours on average. A delicates cycle at this temperature might only take an hour and a half, while a synthetics cycle should take around two hours.

40 degrees is considered a warm wash. This temperature is probably the most used temperature for average households as it is still able to kill germs and bacteria left on your clothes but is not using as much water or energy as a 60°C cycle.

Many of our most-worn clothing items can be comfortably washed at 40°C, including jeans, towels and other cotton or linen items. This temperature is good for tackling some stains and will provide a thorough wash without any shrinkage or fading.

A 40°C wash is also nicely compatible with most detergents, and they will effectively work alongside the warm water to eliminate any particularly pesky stains, as well as destroy any nasty germs.

If your garments are heavily soiled, however, you’d probably be better off turning to the 60°C cycle to be fully sure that any potentially harmful stains or bacteria are fully eradicated.

This wash cycle temperature is also still energy efficient and will save more energy on a yearly basis than if you were to consistently run your machine on 60°C washes.

A 40°C wash is likely the most useful wash cycle, as most garments are safe to wash at this temperature and it is successful in eliminating germs while also ensuring your items do not fade or shrink.

If you’re ever unsure of whether a specific item is safe to run on a 40°C wash, remember to check the label of the item and carefully follow any instructions that are provided there.