Quick Wash

How Long Does a Quick Wash Cycle Normally Take?

Sometimes our laundry needs a little refresh, but doesn’t require a full-length cycle. This is where the ‘quick wash’ cycle comes in handy!

But ‘quick’ sounds a bit vague. How quick is a quick wash cycle exactly?

Depending on your washing machine and the size/weight of the load, quick wash cycles generally range from 15 minutes to 1 hour long.

Whilst the cycle works in the same way a regular cycle would, it doesn’t do as thorough of a job, so if your laundry needs a thorough clean, make sure not to choose the ‘quick wash’ option!


When to Use a Quick Wash Cycle

A quick wash cycle is designed to:

  • Refresh clothing that hasn’t been worn in a while
  • Every day lightly soiled laundry i.e. casual t-shirts (not towels, pants, or gym wear, for example, they need a more thorough wash to do the job)
  • A laundry emergency i.e. you need to have clean clothes ASAP!
  • It’s a great way to save both time and energy, so it is good for the environment, as well as your bank and productivity levels!


Tips for Getting the Best Results with a Quick Wash Cycle

  • Only fill up to 40% of the drum.
  • If your clothing seems damper than usual, stick on an extra spin cycle, A ‘quick wash’ has a shorter spin cycle than a full-length wash, so it might not drain the excess water to the same degree.
  • Do not use this cycle for hand wash only or delicate items!