Fabric Conditioner in the Washing Machine

How to Use Fabric Conditioner in the Washing Machine

One of the simple pleasures in life is having soft clothing and bedding on your skin. 

Fabric conditioner (also known as fabric softener) lubricates and untangles cloth fibres in order to reduce friction, maintaining the softness, quality, and longevity of your clothing! 

Not only that, it also adds a long-lasting fresh scent. It’s super simple to use too. Here’s how!


Where Do I Put the Fabric Conditioner?

fabric softener compartment

When washing your laundry, front loading washing machines should have a specific compartment in the dispenser drawer labelled with a flower symbol for fabric conditioner (if you can’t see this then check the user manual). 

Never put fabric conditioner directly in the drum; use the dispenser instead.

For top loading machines it may vary. If the machine is equipped with a softener compartment, then pour in a cap of fabric conditioner pre wash cycle. If there is no softener compartment, pour a cap directly into the machine during the last rinse cycle. 

In terms of storage, store fabric conditioner at room temperature and ideally out of direct sunlight. Your cupboard under the sink would be a good spot. 

Make sure to use it within three months of opening, as it can start to thicken and not work as well.

Washing Machine Drawer Compartments


How Do I Use Fabric Conditioner?

pouring fabric conditioner in bottle cap

Using fabric softener is super simple. All you need to do is pour the correct dose of fabric conditioner, using the bottle cap provided, into the washing machine compartment marked with a flower symbol.

For an average-sized load, you should use roughly one cap, but this will vary depending on the product you choose and load size so make sure to read the product instructions. Continue to use your detergent as you would usually.


Can I Use Fabric Conditioner When Hand-Washing Clothing?

hand washing clothes with fabric conditioner

Yes! Just hand wash your laundry as normal, then drain and refill the water (this time with no detergent). 

Mix 1 tbsp of fabric conditioner with a cup of warm water and add to the laundry in the other bowl of water. 

Stir the items together with the softener and leave to soak for around 5-10 minutes. Wring out the items and dry as usual. 


When Shouldn’t I Use Fabric Conditioner?

do not use fabric conditioner on clothes

Checking items’ care labels is a good habit to keep and should be done before using fabric conditioner for the first time. 

As a general rule, avoid using fabric conditioner with delicate fabric such as wool and silk; swimwear and sportswear; newborn clothing; and linen. 

It’s also advised to only use every other time when washing towels. As much as soft towels are great, they do need to maintain their capacity to dry us, which can reduce if we overdo the softener!

A few top tips:

  • Never mix detergent and softener
  • Never apply fabric conditioner directly to your laundry, it could damage your clothing
  • Try to avoiding contact with skin, wash fabric softener off with warm water if this does happen

Now go and enjoy some super soft laundry – good luck!