20C Washing Machine

Is 20 Degrees Considered a Cold Wash?

Washing machines can be very confusing at times! They have so many settings, temperatures, and spin cycles.

On top of this, recommendations can be quite vague. Sometimes, rather than using specific temperatures, they could just say a “hot wash” or a “cold wash”.

So, is 20 degrees Celsius considered a cold wash? Read on to find out!

What Is a Cold Wash?

A cold wash generally refers to a temperature of either 20 or 30 degrees Celsius.

This means that yes, 20 degrees definitely is considered a cold wash.

Most modern washing machines have an option to wash at 20 degrees, but if not then 30 degrees is also fine if you need to do a cold wash!


What Are the Benefits of a Cold Wash?

With energy bills being on the rise, anything you can do to reduce your usage is a win!

Cold washes are significantly more energy efficient than hotter washes, so are a great choice for both your energy bill and the environment.

Plus, hotter water is more likely to damage clothing over time. Colours might fade or run, or certain materials could shrink, for example.


When and When Not to Use a Cold Wash

First things first, check the care label as that will give you the most suitable instructions. However, this guide will give you a good idea of which wash to select.

Use a cold wash for the following:

  • You need to refresh some clean clothes that haven’t been worn in ages
  • Lightly soiled garments – sweat for example
  • Acetate and acrylics
  • Wool and silk (select a delicate cycle if your machine has one!)
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Colours
  • T-shirts
  • Sportswear
  • Denim


Wash the following at 40 degrees instead:

20 Celsius is too cold for the following items, which should be washed at a higher temperature:

  • White cotton
  • Bedding (40 or 60 degrees is fine)
  • Towels
  • Underwear
  • Tough stains
  • Heavily soiled garments


Which Detergent Should Be Used with a Cold Wash?

Pods or liquid detergent are the best option for a cold wash, as there is a risk that powdered detergent will not dissolve properly at lower temperatures.

There you have it. There are so many benefits to a cold wash and it can be used way more often than you’d think!

And now you’re fully prepared with all the information you need to make the correct choice next time!