Clean sheets on bed

Should You Wash New Bedding Before Using It?

Climbing into new, fresh bed sheets is one of the best feelings in the world, one that most people will enjoy. However, it can open the door to debate.

Should you be washing your new bedding before putting it on the bed?

To Wash or Not to Wash?

Like many things in life, this one is open to interpretation. If you ask three different people whether you should wash new bedding before using it, there is a good chance you will get three different answers.

Some people might feel that washing new bed sheets is just unnecessary, whilst others swear by it.

Washing new bed sheets might feel like giving yourself an extra load of laundry for no good reason, and it certainly isn’t something that is an absolute must. However, it is recommended that you do give them a quick wash before use.


Reasons to Wash New Bedding Before Using It

The unfortunate truth is that whilst new bed sheets might look fresh and ready to use out of the pack, they can still be covered in remnants of the manufacturing process.

One culprit of this is a starch known as “sizing”. This starch is used to keep sheets smooth in their packaging to maintain that attractive, fresh look.

This starch is what can make some bed sheets feel scratchy when they are first taken out of the packet.

Aside from just being uncomfortable, some people do find that the chemicals used in the manufacturing process can irritate sensitive skin, and some people can be allergic.

It is also worth considering that if there is a defect in your new sheets, such as a small tear or badly attached button, it will be easier to notice after you have washed the sheets.

You want to find any potential defects as soon as possible so that you can hopefully return or exchange the sheets within their time frame.

We’re all more comfortable in our own beds and our own environment and washing new bed sheets before use means you can have them smelling familiar before you climb into bed, leading to a more relaxing night.


What Happens if You Don’t Wash New Bedding?

Most people are likely to be fine and won’t notice any adverse effects other than their sheets feeling a little stiff.

If you do have sensitive skin however, you might notice some irritation from any chemical remnants that do remain in the fabric.


Refreshing New Sheets

To get the most out of your new sheets and remove that stiff feeling, give them a thorough wash by adding a cup of bicarbonate of soda to the machine.

When washed with warm water, the bicarbonate of soda will loosen up the sheets and get rid of any smells that remained from the production process.

Some people do recommend that you avoid using any detergent at this stage and just wash with bicarbonate of soda.

Once the sheets have been washed, tumble dry them with a dryer sheet. The sheet will help soften the material and reduce static.

Many dryer sheets are also scented, so this can help reducing any manufacturing smells that remained.

If you want your sheets to look packet-fresh but without the stiff feeling, why not iron them?