Zip Pockets Before Washing Clothes

Should You Zip Pockets Before Washing Clothes?

When you’re doing your laundry, you may not think twice about what you’re planning to wash but a few extra moments could make a big difference to your machine. 

Going through the pockets and doing up any zips is an important step in laundry preparation, and here’s why. 


Should I Do Up the Zips Before Washing My Clothes?

zip pocket

Whether it’s a zip pocket or another type of zipper on your clothing, it’s strongly advisable to zip it up before you begin your washing. 

This means that you may need to check each item individually before putting it in the machine, but the extra time will be worth it. 

Open zippers can snag on clothing as it rotates at speed in the washing machine. This can damage both fabric and the zipper, warping the teeth. This will make the zip impossible to close and you’ll need to get it replaced. 

As well as damaging your clothes, an open zipper can also cause problems to your washing machine. 

The metal could scratch or shatter the front glass, or it could damage the drum. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need a professional to come and repair your machine.

Even if the damage isn’t instantly severe, an open zip can cause wear and tear on your washing machine and means that eventually your machine will need fixing or replacing more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

You should apply these rules about zips to other fastenings on your clothing such as buttons and bras. 

The latter can be particularly damaging when being washed, where possible it’s advisable to launder bras using a bag. This will protect both the bra and the washing machine from accidental damage.


How Do I Wash Clothing with a Zip?

jeans in washing machine

As described above, it’s important for all zips to be closed while they’re in your machine to prevent damage.

This means that you should do all the zips up before washing, but it’s advisable to take some extra measures as a precaution. 

Zips can easily come undone as the clothing is being tossed around in the wash. Therefore, to be extra-safe, it’s a good idea to thread a safety pin through the loop in your zip and attach it to the fabric. 

This will ensure that the zip remains closed and won’t work its way undone while being washed. 


Can Zips Damage a Dryer?

zip pockets and tumble dryer

Dryers aren’t as wet as washing machines, but they still spin at speed. 

This means that many of the problems that can be caused by an errant zipper in a washing machine also apply to a tumble dryer. 

You should have already zipped up your clothing when it’s washed, but if you missed any then zip it up before placing in the dryer. 

As well as protecting the glass, drum, and other clothing, it will also protect the zip. Tumble dryers can run quite hot and if your zip is plastic, it may run the risk of becoming warped. 

Only drying it while it’s done up will ensure it remains in its intended shape and fully functional.