folded clothes

What Is the Point of Folding Clothes?

Folding your clothes may seem like just an annoying added task to the constant slog of doing your laundry, but there are a few very important reasons why folding clothes is both practical and efficient.

Why Should You Fold Your Clothes?

1. Reduces wrinkles and creases

Folding your clothes can significantly reduce the number of wrinkles and potential creases that would happen if you put your laundry away without properly folding it. 

2. Space efficient

Folding is also very space-efficient and can allow you to fit many more items of clothing into your storage spaces than you would be able to do otherwise.
folded clothes in drawer

3. Protects clothes 

Keeping your clothes folded and put away is also likely to make them last longer and remain in a better condition. 

Leaving clothes out makes them more vulnerable to dust, sun exposure and damage from accidentally standing or sitting on the garments.
folding clothes

Some Alternatives to Folding Clothes

Hanging clothes

If you don’t want to fold your clothes, you can always try hanging them. Buying some quality hangers and using your cupboard space efficiently is the best way to get as many clothing items as possible into your cupboard. 

Depending on your cupboard space, you may need to prioritise which items need to be hung up more than others. 

Dresses, silk, and other items that are more prone to creasing are best to hang first, followed by jackets and other bulkier jumpers or thicker clothes that will take up too much space if folded.
hanging clothes in the closet

Rolling clothes

However, if you are running out of hanging space and growing tired of the constant fight with the hangers, there’s also the option to try rolling your clothes instead.

Rolling actually may be more effective in removing or preventing creases in your clothes, as if you roll them tightly enough the material will stretch the wrinkles out. 

It also eradicates any lines along the clothes, which is something that can often happen when clothes are left folded for long periods of time. 
rolled clothes in the drawer
If you pack the rolled items away in a manner that will allow them to remain properly rolled up, they will unroll again when you’re ready to wear them without the creases that may come from folding. 

folded clothes in closet


Folding your clothes once they have finally dried can often feel like a chore, but it’s a necessary and highly useful part of your laundry routine. 

Having your clothes folded is an excellent space saver, plus putting them away into cupboards and drawers will make you feel like your space is much neater and more aesthetically pleasing.