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What Temperature to Wash Newborn Clothes At

Whilst many baby clothing labels might tell you to wash them at the highest temperature, it is more than fine to wash baby clothes at around 30-40ºC. This temperature still enables dirt, stains, and dust to be removed effectively whilst ensuring that no harm comes to the baby clothes. 

It is important that when you wash baby clothes, you read the labels as some items of clothing might have special washing requirements. 

For example, some items of baby clothing might require you to hand wash them and others may need to be washed in a cold-water cycle. 

It is best to do the same as you would when washing your own laundry and to separate whites from darks and wash accordingly. 

In terms of laundry detergent, it is best to choose one that is suitable for babies or one that is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Non-bio detergents are often recommended when it comes to washing baby clothing. This will ensure that nothing gets absorbed into the fabric that could potentially irritate or damage the baby’s skin. 


What Temperature Should You Wash Newborn Clothes At?

wash newborn clothes at 30 degree celsius temp

Most baby clothing will have instructions on how to best wash each of them on their label. Some might be required to be hand washed and others may need to be washed on a cold cycle. 

However, many baby clothes can be washed using a temperature of 30ºC. 

As baby clothes will need washed more often, washing at 30ºC will be more environmentally friendly and will be a little more cost effective in using water and electricity. 

If you need to wash reusable nappies, then you will need to wash them twice, once at a low temperature to ensure any stains are amply removed and then again at a higher temperature to ensure they can be used again.


What Setting Do You Wash Baby Clothes On?

Generally, most standard washing machines will work just fine for washing baby clothing in. If you need to wash baby clothes it is best to use a gentle wash setting or a cold-water setting. This will ensure your baby clothes are kept soft and intact. 

Hot water might cause your baby clothing to shrink, which means the clothes become a waste of money as you need them to last and your baby is probably growing at a rapid pace.

gentle wash for newborn clothes


Do You Wash Newborn Clothes in Hot or Cold Water?

Hot water should really only be used to wash reusable nappies. Everything else is recommended to be washed using cold water or a gentle wash cycle. This is especially important when washing baby clothes for the first time. 

It is also recommended to use a skin sensitive or non-bio laundry detergent to reduce the chance of any skin irritation that might be caused from the fabric softener or laundry detergent. 


Should You Wash Baby Clothes on the Delicate Cycle?

delicate wash cycle

Washing baby clothes on gentle should suffice for things like blankets and bibs. A delicate wash setting is normally fine to wash baby clothes so long as you know that your delicate cycle won’t go above 30-40ºC.  

Remember when washing bibs to ensure they are fastened and closed to prevent any damage being done to things like the Velcro strap or to keep them from catching in the washing machine or on other clothes as this may cause damage.