Laundry dosing ball

Where to Get a Dosing Ball for Liquid Detergent

If you’d like to use a dosing ball with your liquid detergent, there are several places you can get one very cheaply or even for free. Check out the options below.


Free Dosing Balls

Check out big brands’ websites to see if they will send out a dosing ball for free.

You can request a free dosing ball from SuperSavvyMe, a website run by Procter & Gamble, the owner of several laundry brands including Ariel, Daz and Fairy.

Unfortunately, Persil stopped giving dosing balls out in 2022 because research indicated that lots of households had multiple dosing balls at home.

So, in order to reduce plastic waste, they started to encourage people to reuse the dosing balls they already have at home.


Buy a Dosing Ball Online

Another option is to buy one from an online shop, like Amazon.

One option is Générique’s Liquid Laundry Dosing Ball, which can hold up to 230 ml of liquid, can be reused over and over again, and is heat resistant up to 60°C. It also doesn’t make any noise when placed inside a washing machine’s drum.



Check supermarkets for dosing balls. There may be a deal on that you can take advantage of!

Sometimes supermarkets have special items on display or people selling/giving away products you can sample. If you see something like this, perhaps you can pick up a free dosing ball or equivalent.


Look on Community Forums and Websites

As mentioned above, some manufacturers are looking at ways of reducing plastic waste, so they’re encouraging people to reuse the dosing balls that they’ve got at home.

Occasionally, you can pick up dosing balls from places like Freegle and Facebook Marketplace. (Before you use the dosing ball, wash it!)


Ask a Family Member If They Have a Spare Dosing Ball

Why not ask a family member if they have a spare dosing ball hanging around the place that you could use to measure out your liquid detergent?


Giveaways for Students

If you’re a student, ask student services or keep an eye out for free ‘giveaways’ on Freshers Week.

Lots of helpful items are given away during Fresher’s Week, and they’re usually geared towards making a uni experience easier.

Occasionally you get people who give out laundry tips and gifts. Perhaps you’ll strike gold and get a free dosing ball from one of these stands.