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What Is an Auto Dosing Washing Machine?

An auto-dosing washing machine automatically draws the ideal amount of detergent for each wash.

You simply fill up the detergent reservoir with your favourite laundry detergent, and the washing machine does everything else.

There’s no need to use special laundry detergent from the manufacturer of your washing machine. You can continue to use your favourite brand.


How Do Auto Dosing Washing Machines Work?

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An auto-dosing washing machine works in a couple of ways. Some simply measure a very precise amount of detergent for each load of washing, but the measurement is the same each time.

Others factor in the weight of the load and what the clothes are made of based on the settings you have chosen. From there, the machine will add the right amount of detergent for each individual washing cycle.

These washing machines are designed to offer better washing performance while saving on detergent usage.

In practice, this means you can typically go about a month before needing to top up the detergent in the machine. Of course, this depends on how much washing you do, the model you have, and the types of clothing you are washing.

It also means it automates the washing cycle somewhat and makes it very quick and easy to get excellent results from every wash.


Are Auto Dosing Washing Machines Better?

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While a washing machine being able to add the detergent itself may seem like a cool new gadget to play with a few times, is it just a gimmick that you’ll use a few times and then go back to adding the laundry detergent manually in a few weeks?

Well, an auto-dosing washing machine actually has a few other really handy benefits, mainly that each load of washing will use less water to remove excess detergent from the wash.

This means your washing machine will be using less energy to get rid of the soap suds during the final part of the washing cycle.

So, there is an energy-saving element when it comes to auto-dosing machines.

Plus, if the model of washing machine that you’re looking at also calculates the weight of the washing and puts the load onto a suitable cycle for that load, this can increase the energy saving too.


Should You Buy an Auto Dosing Washing Machine?

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We know that a lot of new technology in kitchen appliances can seem a bit gimmicky. Still, auto dosing in washing machines actually has a lot of value in the home.

It’s a technology that has been around in industrial washing machines for a very long time and has cut down on wash times and water consumption in clothing and laundry factories around the world.

So, while the auto dosing feature, from a hands-on point of view, may seem like a bit of a gimmick, the washing machine will use less energy per load, saving you money on your energy bills, and you’ll save some money on laundry detergent too.

If you think you’ll benefit from this, then yes, an auto-dosing washing machine is well worth considering if you are in the market for a new washing machine.

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