tumble dryer in cupboard

Can You Put a Tumble Dryer in a Cupboard?

Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your small home? Is there only a limited amount of space available? Maybe your home is in a rental and you have no extra room for a laundry or utility room?

If you’re living in a smaller space or are renting, you might find that you don’t have a dedicated laundry room. The only solution is to get creative.

You might have considered whether you can put your tumble dryer in a cupboard to make the most of your space. But, is it safe?

Read on and I’ll explain what you can, and can’t, do with your tumble dryer.

You might be tempted to place your tumble dryer in a cupboard to hide it away but there’s several factors you have to consider before you try this.

Cupboards have quite limited circulation of air, and this can cause a problem for a tumble dryer. 

A constant supply of fresh air is needed for tumble dryers to work, especially condenser tumble dryers. This means that tumble dryers are not compatible with confined spaces.

As well as needing fresh air, the dryers will give some amount of damp air, which can damage a non-ventilated area over time, and lead to a build-up of mould.

Why You Shouldn’t Place Your Tumble Dryer in a Cupboard

do not place tumble dryer in cupboard

If you’re looking for a place to store your condenser dryer, it might be difficult to find a cupboard that can accommodate it safely.

The main problem with cupboards is that they don’t always have enough space for a large machine, and it’s not the best place for a condenser dryer because you’ll need to make sure there’s a steady flow of fresh air to keep your equipment at a constant temperature.

The back of the dryer has to be emptied of air, but not as much as with a vented dryer. Also, the air coming out of the back of the dryer can be damp if you have a cheaper model which might not be as efficient at condensing the moisture from the air.

A condenser dryer will not usually release damp air. These dryers have a high-temperature heat source that vaporises the water so it can then be collected, separated and expelled. In this way the dryer is like a dehumidifier in that there is a collection chamber and a fan to draw out moisture.

A dryer can be damaged by having too much heat circulated through it. If the dryer does not get enough circulation air flow, it can actually reduce efficiency. This means you’re spending more on your energy bill to keep the dryer operating.


Safety Tips for Running a Tumble Dryer in a Cupboard

safety tips when running tumble dryer in cupboard

It is possible to run a dryer in a cupboard, but only if the conditions are perfect. The size of the cupboard and the condition of the air circulation are both important factors.

It’s a good idea to run the dryer when the cupboard doors are not closed. Running it with the doors open isn’t likely to reduce noise very much, however, and, if it’s the reason it’s in the cupboard in the first place, then not much noise-reduction will occur.

Never install a tumble dryer above an existing central heating boiler. If your appliance were to catch fire, a serious explosion could result.

Keep all vents and openings clean and well ventilated, and make sure any pipes are free of kinks and not nipped or crushed. 

Make sure that any heat from the tumble dryer can be expelled from the cupboard without causing any safety concerns, danger, or warping of materials.

Never excessively overload the dryer, and allow it to cool adequately after any use.

Make sure to remove and fluff or lint from both the filter and door to make sure that your tumble dryer runs as efficiently as possible, and doesn’t overheat.


Final Thoughts

While it is possible to use your tumble dryer in a cupboard, it’s much better if you can have it in a safe and well-ventilated space rather than a cupboard.

The preferred option is to place the dryer in your kitchen, as that location will most likely meet most of the ventilation, heat dissipation, and safety requirements.

Always put safety concerns ahead of convenience and practicality when considering keeping your tumble dryer in a cupboard.