Can You Put a Washing Machine in a Cupboard

Can You Put a Washing Machine in a Cupboard?

Nowadays, washing machines are a staple appliance in most homes. Unfortunately, they’re not the most discrete appliances in the world and can easily ruin the aesthetic of your home.

To combat this, you can now buy integrated washing machines that seamlessly fit into your home’s interior. However, these machines are often smaller than their more common counterparts, and it can be a pain to invest in a new washer when yours works perfectly fine.

One potential solution to this problem is hiding your freestanding washing machine in a cupboard to hide it from view. But can you put a washing machine in a cupboard? And how would you need to go about doing this? Below we have all the answers you need!

washing machine put in a cupboard


Can You Put a Freestanding Washing Machine in a Cupboard?

In theory, there is nothing stopping you from putting a freestanding washing machine or similar appliance in a cupboard. However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when doing so:

Electrical sockets

You need to make sure that the cupboard in question has access to an electrical socket, your home’s water supply, and a drain connection.

Of course, you can have these things added to whichever room you want your washer in, but it is much easier to choose a space that already has these requirements in place, for example, the kitchen.

washing machine in a cupboard

Size of the cupboard

You also need to be aware that not all cupboards are suitable for holding a washing machine due to the size of the appliance.

Most washers will need to be placed in a cupboard that is at least 70 cm wide so that there is a small gap on either side to account for any movement during use.

Washing machines are also deeper than most cupboards, so this also needs to be taken into account.

One way of combating this issue is to build a cupboard that you know fits the size requirements of your machine, like in this example.

Alternatively, there are units available that are designed to hold washing machines, such as this one from IKEA. These help to make a room look more put together, but the washer will still be on display.


How Do You Hide a Washing Machine in a Cupboard?

washing machine in cupboard

If you already have a cupboard in mind to hide your washing machine in, you can follow the instructions below to install it properly.

These instructions also work when building a new cupboard, but you can ignore the steps involving measurements.

  1. Choose the cupboard you want to hide your washing machine in. This can be the exact size of the washer, but a taller one with additional storage space will work just as well. Just make sure it is not too small!
  2. Measure the cupboard to ensure the washing machine will fit, and the door will close. Remember to leave a small space around the machine’s exterior to prevent it from hitting the sides of the cupboard when in use.
  3. Locate the water supply and drain connections and an electrical socket. You can have a plumber or electrician fit new connections for you if required.
  4. Connect the washing machine to the electrical socket, water supply and drain hose. It’s possible to do this yourself with the proper knowledge, but in most cases, you will require the help of a professional.
  5. Do a test run of your washing machine before sliding it into place. Watch out for any leaks or issues, as these are signs that the machine hasn’t been installed properly. If there are no issues, push the washing machine into the cupboard, close the door, and enjoy the new look of your home.