Tumble dryer on while out of house

Is It OK to Leave the Dryer on When You’re Not at Home?

The short answer to this question is no, you should never leave the dryer on if you are not in the house and should even go so far as to make sure it’s not left running while you are sleeping as well.


Why Shouldn’t You Leave the Dryer on When You’re Out?

Leaving your dryer running while you are out of your house could be a serious fire hazard. Accidents can happen easily, and something could go wrong while your machine is running, causing a fire that could spread swiftly out of control without anyone home to put it out.

One of the possible reasons for a fire to start in your dryer is a build-up that could cause lint to get trapped in the vent of your dryer and cause airflow to be restricted.

If the vent is blocked, the dryer will not be able to properly siphon the hot air out and the build-up of heat will become quickly dangerous.

Older dryers are even more of a fire risk as many were made with foil inside the vent lines. These are made for insulation but are also easy spaces for lint to start building up.

Another reason for a potential fire is if something goes wrong with your electrical outlets. Something could also happen with your wiring that could cause an electrical fire. These things are unlikely but not impossible and it’s always best to be cautious.


How to Prevent Your Dryer from Catching Fire

There are a few ways to make sure that your dryer is as safe as it can be and not a fire risk.

Be aware when you are installing the dryer and make sure that it is properly installed and that the outlets you use are suitable for the amount of power that the machine will require. Avoid plugging it into an extension lead, and instead plug it directly into the mains.

If you’re not fully confident in installing the machine yourself, hire a trusted professional to do it for you. This will give you the peace of mind to know that it has been done right.

Check your lint filters regularly and make sure to clear out any potential build-up of lint. If the lint filter is too full, then the excess lint will begin to build up in your vent line instead.

This does not mean that it is now safe to leave your dryer running while you are out or asleep as accidents can still happen at any time.



The risks mentioned above are rare and unlikely, but are something that can happen at any time while your dryer is running. This is why it is a good idea to always check in on the machine while you are using it.

Being at home will mean that if something does go wrong, you have a much higher chance of catching the problem earlier and making sure that it does not get out of control and cause harm to your property or the people in it.

The most responsible thing to do when it comes to dryer safety is to have a professional check every year that your dryer is functioning at full capacity and that there are not any potential risks.