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Should You Leave a Dishwasher Open or Closed When You’re Not Using It?

This dishwasher question has plagued owners of this appliance since they were first invented!

On the one hand, having additional moisture in your kitchen from an open dishwasher could cause issues with condensation.

However, not having the dishwasher door open can mean that the moisture sticks around in the dishwasher, potentially causing problems like mould.

So, should you leave a dishwasher door open or not? Well, we’re glad you asked. We’ll give you an answer below and also cover a few other helpful dishwasher tips to help keep your dishwasher running perfectly for longer.


Should You Leave a Dishwasher Open or Closed When You’re Not Using It?

Dishwasher Open or Closed

It’s better to leave your dishwasher door open when you’re not using it. Keeping your dishwasher door open when you aren’t using it ensures that all the moisture can escape from the machine.

This is why many modern dishwashers open at the end of the cycle. It ensures that the dishwasher can vent and that any moisture in the machine escapes.

After you remove all your dishes from the dishwasher, though, you may be tempted to close the door. However, it is best to leave a dishwasher door open whenever you aren’t using it.

Firstly, it stops moisture building up if you like to stack plates in there over several days and then run a cycle. It also prevents mould from growing in there and allows any musty smells to escape.

If you are concerned about the extra moisture in the air in your kitchen, you can open a window for better ventilation.

You could also look into buying a dehumidifier to leave running in your kitchen if moisture is a big issue in your home. This will ensure that any extra moisture from your dishwasher is not going to cause any issues.


What Happens to a Dishwasher If You Don’t Use It?

If you use your dishwasher sparingly, every couple of days or once a week, for example, this is going to be fine.

There is no steadfast rule that states a dishwasher must be run every day or every couple of days to keep it in good shape.

If your dishwasher goes a couple of weeks without being used, this can cause some issues over time, though. The seals in your dishwasher may crack and this can cause leaks.

We have an article about leaking dishwasher doors if this has happened to you. However, the seals would have to dry out to the extreme for this to happen, so even a dishwasher left for a month or two may not experience any issues at all.

One thing that may happen if you don’t use your dishwasher for a prolonged period of time is that mould could form.

dirty dishwasher

To prevent this, you can add bleach to your dishwasher if you know you aren’t going to be using it for a while.

Just half a cup of bleach in the bottom of the dishwasher will prevent any mould growth and stop any musty smells.

If you do put bleach in your dishwasher and intend to leave it for a long time, it is probably best to close the door to prevent the smell of bleach covering your entire house.

Before you do though, give the seal around the door a good clean and dry it off thoroughly to prevent any moisture from causing mould in the seal.

We hope this look at dishwashers and whether to keep the door open or shut has been helpful.

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