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What Is Delay Start on a Tumble Dryer?

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what the delay start function on your tumble dryer is and how to use it correctly.

We’ll explain the setup procedure for this function and ensure you can take advantage of this feature whenever you want to dry your clothes.

First, let’s look at exactly what the delay start feature is, shall we?


What Does Delay Start Do on a Tumble Dryer?

The delay start function on a tumble dryer allows you to set a time for when the tumble dryer will start drying your clothes.

Most models with a delay start feature allow you to set it up to 24 hours in advance. So, you can put clothes in the night before and have the tumble dryer run the drying cycle in the morning, for example.

Essentially, the delay start function on a tumble dryer allows you to prep everything but not turn the tumble dryer on straight away. However, everything is ready to go, and when the time you set is reached, the dryer will turn on and begin drying your clothes.


Uses for the Delay Start on a Tumble Dryer

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Some people feel that delay start functions and many of the other functions on modern tumble dryers are gimmicks that no one will actually use.

If someone is very comfortable with using the very basic functions of a tumble dryer and really has no need for these features, then that is fair enough.

Still, the delay start feature on a tumble dryer can be really handy in many situations. An example of this is setting a delay for the morning.

Let’s say you’ve washed and dried your clothes the night before, and you’d like to ensure they are uncreased and ready to wear in the morning.

Well, leaving them in the dryer and setting a delay timer for the morning will ensure they are ready to go.

Another great use for the delay start feature is setting it for when you get back from work. If you always forget to put the dryer on when you get back from work, you can simply put the wet clothes into the dryer before you leave for work, set the delay start feature to around the time you get back from work, and the dryer will turn on.

There are many practical reasons why having a tumble dryer with a delay start feature is really handy. But how do you set it? Well, let’s explore that next, shall we?


How to Use the Delay Start Function on a Tumble Dryer

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You can delay the start of your tumble dryer by up to 24 hours. While the information below on how to set up a delay start timer may differ slightly from certain makes and models, it will certainly help most people with a tumble dryer with this function.

  1. Select the drying programme you want to use (all drying programmes should work with this feature).
  2. Locate the time delay button (this will likely be a clock with an arrow symbol).
  3. Press this button and select how much of a delay you’d like before the drying cycle starts. Pressing the button multiple times increases the time.
  4. When you have selected the desired time delay, press the start function of your tumble dryer as normal. Your tumble dryer will now start once the timer has counted down.
  5. To cancel the delay start, just stop the drying cycle as normal.

If your tumble dryer can be linked to your phone, you can likely delay the start of the drying cycle on the app. This is often a bit more self-explanatory to do than doing it on the tumble dryer itself.

If you’re using the delay start feature for the first time, you may want to test it out by setting a delayed start of 30 minutes and seeing if the programme works correctly.

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Don’t forget, the user’s manual for your tumble dryer likely has a section about setting the delay start feature. If you no longer have the user’s manual for your tumble dryer, you’ll be able to source it on the manufacturer’s website.

We hope this look at the delay start feature on tumble dryers has been helpful. We have another article offering similar advice for the delay start feature on washing machines that you might find helpful.

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