Can You Use Toilet Bleach in the Washing Machine

Can You Use Toilet Bleach in the Washing Machine?

Adding bleach of any kind to your washing machine should always be done with extreme caution. It can be done, but you need to be sure that you are doing it the right way and be careful of the type of bleach that you are using. When in doubt though, the answer is no!

Two types of bleach are most commonly used in average household cleaning products. These are called oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach. 

Toilet bleach is the same as chlorine bleach and will have a very different effect on clothes when compared to a non-toxic oxygen bleach, so be very careful when using it. 

Why Is it Important to Know What Kind of Bleach You’re Using?

know the right type of bleach to use

Bleach can cause all kinds of damage to both your clothes and machine if it is used the wrong way. It will depend on what you are hoping to achieve with the bleach before you can decide whether it is safe to use.

Oxygen bleach will be safe to use on items that have colour, such as clothes, while chlorine bleach is much more corrosive and could damage the colour of your clothes. It should only be used on sturdy materials or particularly stubborn stains. 

Oxygen bleach is usually a non-toxic bleach that is used to remove mild stains, disinfect surfaces and ensure that your washing comes out of the machine with nice bright colours. 

In general, bleach can be useful in two different ways when it comes to a washing machine. One way is to help with cleaning your clothes and ensuring they emerge shiny and stain-free. The other way to use bleach is to help with the cleaning of the inside of your actual washing machine. 


Using Toilet Bleach in a Clothes Wash Cycle

Using Toilet Bleach in a Clothes Wash Cycle

If you want to add bleach to your wash cycle to help clean your clothes, then it is more of a risk to use toilet bleach. This method is not recommended unless you have no other option, and you should be sure to dilute the bleach before putting it in your machine alongside your detergent. 

It’s also important to make sure that you do not pour bleach directly into the drum of the machine with your clothes as this will almost certainly cause the colour to be destroyed, as well as leaving irreversible stains on all your favourite clothes. 

In addition, be sure to check the labels on your clothes before using bleach of any kind on them as sometimes they are not compatible with bleach when it comes to cleaning. 


Using Toilet Bleach to Clean the Washing Machine

Using Toilet Bleach to Clean the Washing Machine

If you are hoping to clean your washing machine rather than your clothes with toilet bleach, then there is good news! You can safely use toilet bleach to clean a washing machine. Bleach is very useful for eradicating germs, bacteria and dirt that may have accumulated inside your machine’s pipes and even in the drum over time. 

It can still be risky to use too much bleach though as it could cause damage or corrosion to your pipes. Be sure to dilute the bleach with water if you’re going to put it in your machine. 

If you don’t want to risk using bleach to clean the inside of your machine, you could try using white vinegar instead. Wipe down the inside of the machine with this solution, or even try running an empty cycle with the hottest temperature setting and adding four cups of vinegar to the detergent drawer. 



Using toilet bleach in your washing machine should really be avoided unless you have tried all other options. If you feel that you have no choice, then be sure to dilute the bleach before use and be very careful while handling the corrosive substance. 

It is also very important to read the labels of all the clothing you will put into the machine to be certain that they are safe to wash with bleach.