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How to Use a Dishwasher

Whether you’ve just got your first dishwasher or you’re looking for some tips, it’s important to know how to use it correctly. Some people get frustrated at their dishwashers when dishes come out dirty, but the efficiency of a dishwasher depends on whether you use it correctly. Read this guide to find out how to […]

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How to Clean a Dishwasher Pump

Dishwashers are an essential appliance in many homes across the UK. They quickly and effortlessly clean our dirty dishes, saving us the time and energy of washing them by hand. However, with regular use, your dishwasher will collect food particles and other debris that can cause clogs and reduce the appliance’s performance. When this occurs,

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Quietest Dishwashers (UK)

A noisy dishwasher can be a nuisance. It can disturb you while you’re trying to relax, and even keep you awake at night. That’s why quietness is one of the main things people look for when choosing a dishwasher. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). The average budget dishwasher makes roughly 48-50 dB of

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Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Recipes with UK Ingredients

As people become more aware of their impact on the environment, there has been a rise in the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. This has caused many to switch to more sustainable cleaning options, including DIY replacements. One cleaning product that can easily be made at home is dishwasher detergent. However, with many recipes calling

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