Cleaning taps with microfiber cloth

Are E-Cloths the Same as Microfibre Cloths?

E-Cloths sound really clever, but surely they are just the same as microfibre cloths, right? Are E-Cloths hyped up and overpriced, or are they really superior to cheap microfibre cloths? Let’s find out.


Are E-Cloths Just Microfibre Cloths?

Yes, E-Cloths are microfibre cloths. E-Cloth is a particular brand of microfibre cloths which was founded by Steve Pearson over 20 years ago.

E-Cloths are made from polyamide and polyester fibres woven together. Yes, E-Cloths are actually made from plastic, not fabric.

Now, these fibres have varying thicknesses. This allows E-Cloths to pick up pretty much anything it comes in contact with.

If you’ve ever picked up a microfibre cloth when your hands are a bit rough, you have experienced these fibres. I don’t like that feeling and I doubt many of you do either. This is because the fibres are grabbing hold all of those rough pieces of skin.

These microfibres act exactly the same when your cleaning your counters and things. Your counter, for example, may seem extremely flat.

However, on a micro-level, your counter has loads of ridges and bumps for bacteria to hide. E-Cloths allow you to get into these micro ridges and remove all of the bacteria.

So, yes, E-Cloths are microfibre cloths, but not all microfibre cloths are created equal. Cheaper microfibre cloths are not as well made as the slightly more expensive ones. They also won’t provide the cleaning power for as long.

An E-Cloth can last about 300 washes before you have to buy another one. You’ll be lucky if a cheaper microfibre cloth lasts half this time.

We hope this look at E-Cloths has been helpful. E-Cloths are an excellent cleaning tool to have in your home.

Granted E-Cloths are not natural, but many of the E-Cloths on the market are made from recycled plastics.

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