How to Fluff Up a Down Jacket

How to Fluff Up a Down Jacket

Down jackets are fantastic at keeping you warm, but only if they are nice and fluffy. If the down inside the jacket is flat, it cannot trap heat properly.

How can you fluff up a down jacket after washing it? Well, fluffing up a down jacket really isn’t too difficult. In fact, here’s two ways of fluffing up a down jacket for you to try.


Method One – Fluff Up a Down Jacket With a Tumble Dryer

Fluffing Up a Down Jacket With a Tumble Dryer

If you have a tumble dryer, you can use it to fluff up the fibres in your jacket. Now, the jacket has to go into the tumble dryer by itself so that it has plenty of space to move around.

You must also set the tumble dryer to the lowest heat setting possible.

Finally, you should remove as much water as possible. Do this by gently massaging your down jacket. Do not ring out the jacket, this will damage the down.

Just before you turn on the tumble dryer, add some dryer balls to the load (check out these eco-friendly KinTor wool dryer balls if you don’t have any already). These balls bounce around in the wash. You can use tennis balls instead.

As the dryer balls bounce around the drum, they help to breakdown clumps of the down. They also help to remove more water and move the down around the jacket.

If you don’t have tumble dryer balls, firstly they are great, and you should get some. Secondly, you can use some clean trainers as a substitute. This step is all about agitating the down inside, so trainers will work just as well.

Finally, check the down jacket every thirty minutes. Take the down jacket out and give it a fluff. Just pull the jacket a bit to breakdown clumps and give it a shake.

Pop it back in the tumble dry and repeat until the jacket is dry. This process will take about three hours.


Method Two – Fluff Up a Down Jacket Without a Dryer

Fluffing Up a Down Jacket Without a Dryer

Don’t have a tumble dryer, no worries. You can air dry a down jacket and get just as good results as above.

Firstly, squeeze out as much moisture as you can by hand. Again, don’t wring out the jacket.

Now place the jacket on a hanger and hang it up. You should put the jacket in a dry and cool place. If you hang your down jacket somewhere humid, it may begin to smell.

Every thirty minutes, give the jacket a fluff. Take the down jacket off the hanger and shake it, massage it and gently pull the fibres.

Repeat this every thirty minutes until the down jacket is dry. Air drying a down jacket should take about five hours.

We hope this look at fluffing up a down jacket has been helpful. For more washing and drying tips, please explore our website further. We have all the cleaning, washing and drying tips you need to make laundry stress-free and fun!