Long handled dustpan brush

Best Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush Sets (UK)

The search for a reliable, high-quality long-handled dustpan can be challenging, and there are so many options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the best dustpan and brush sets that are both affordable and trustworthy.

These options are made up of a variety of types of dustpan and brush sets and should have something that suits everyone, depending on your price range and the type of set that you think will work best for you.


Best Stain Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush Sets in the UK

1. Vileda DuActiva Anti Dust Broom and Long Handle Dustpan

Vileda 157590 DuActiva Anti Dust Broom Plus Long Handle Dustpan,Red,8 x 28.5 x 80 cm

Handle length: 80 cm

The Vileda DuActiva Anti Dust Broom and Long Handle Dustpan set is great for gathering both dirt and dust without having to bend down at all.

It has an 80 cm long handle and the brush itself has rubber barriers to prevent scratching any furniture or walls.

This set is a striking racing-car-red and is the Italian supercar equivalent of long-handled broom and dustpan sets.

There is a convenient foam layer between the bristles and the floor which will pick up dust quickly and without causing it to lift from the surface into the air. The foam layer is also simple to clean and can be easily removed to do so.

Some users have mentioned having trouble properly fitting the handle into the dustpan, and the handle doesn’t always remain in place. 

Some people also say that the extendable handle is both too short and too heavy, and sometimes doesn’t stay fully extended.


2. Jekayla Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush Set

Jekayla Broom and Dustpan Set, Sweeper and Dust pan Combo with 54 Inch Long Handle for Household Cleaning Sweeping, Blue

Handle length: Adjustable (maximum 137 cm)

The Jekayla Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush set is made from excellent quality ABS material and plastic and can be used on most surfaces. It is designed to be lightweight and has adjustable features in both the broom and dustpan for easy sweeping.

The broom pole can be extended right out to 54 inches (137 cm) and the set can easily stand upright when not being used. There is also a way to lock the dustpan in place against the handle so that it is standing straight, and the dusty contents are unable to fall out.


3. OXO Good Grips Upright Sweep Set

OXO Good Grips Upright Sweep Set

Handle length: 97.7 cm

OXO’s sweeper is a well-balanced product that is light and has an aluminium pole and a carefully designed bristle head that is specially angled for sweeping the floor.

The dustpan has a flexible lip that won’t leave any gaps between the pan and the surface.

In addition, the dustpan has special teeth designed to pull dirt out from the feathered bristles of the broom. The dustpan can then be locked into place in an open position and then later can be effortlessly collapsed back up for easy storage.

The broom itself has a comfortable grip on its lightweight pole and has soft handles to ensure a more comfortable sweeping experience.

There have been some users pointing out that the newer designs of this product have a slightly different brush design, which is more likely to get tangled or matted and is harder to clean.

This is one of the pricier products on the list and comes in a simple black and white coloured set with a few pops of red.


4. Treelen Broom and Dustpan Brush Combo

Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set,Broom and Dustpan,Standing Dust Pan Dustpan and Brush for Indoor Lobby Office Kitchen Sweeping

Handle length: Adjustable (maximum 137 cm)

This option from Treelen is a good long-handled combo set. The broom’s handle extends right out to 137 cm, and the dustpan is large and deep, allowing it to pick up plenty of dust and dirt.

The broom bristles are designed to efficiently clean dust and dirt and to be effective even on wet surfaces without absorbing water into the bristles.

The bristles are also made of recycled PET bottles, so it’s more environmentally friendly than your average plastic broom.

The dustpan easily locks in an open position so that the dust can be effortlessly swept right into it. It also has a rubber comb attached to the top as a way to effectively take any dust and debris out of the broom bristles.

The long handle of the broom is made from aluminium and is lightweight and rustproof. The whole set can be snapped into an upright position for storage.

It has been mentioned that clipping the handle onto the dustpan can be tricky and requires a bit of strength, but that once it is in place it is efficient and very reliable.


5. Spontex Catch and Clean Indoor Rubber Broom and Dustpan

Spontex Catch & Clean Indoor Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set - Dustpan and Brush Set for Pet Hair Removal - Rubber Brush for Wet & Dry Sweeping Plus Multi-Surface Cleaning

Handle length: Adjustable

The Spontex Catch and Clean Indoor Rubber Broom and Dustpan set is advertised as being double as efficient as a traditional broom and is designed to collect all types of dirt. This affordable set is particularly good at picking up hair, including pet fur.

The structure of the bristles on this broom is made to retain less dirt and is easy to clean with warm water. It is also a very attractive blue colour that sets it apart from all the other similar products.

This broom and dustpan set is great for effectively cleaning carpets. The head is adjustable, and the broom can easily reach more challenging areas of your house, including especially hard-to-reach spots under your furniture.

The dustpan can also be used as a stand for the broom, which makes for easy and compact storage.

Some users have said that the broom shows slight resistance when used on laminate floors and can be a little difficult to get into tight corners.


6. The Dustpan & Brush Store’s Dustpan with Long Handle Sweeping Broom

Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set Lobby Dust Pan with Long Handle Sweeping Broom (Grey/Silver)

The Dustpan & Brush Store’s set requires a little self-assembly when it arrives, but it is easy enough to screw on the handles. There is a storage clip on the side to ensure easy attachment of the brush to the dustpan when it’s being stored.

The set is designed to have four different angles to efficiently sweep hard-to-reach areas, including under low furniture.

It also has a built-in bristle cleaner that helps to properly pull the dirt and hair from the soft bristles of the broom.

There are also four colour combos for this set, which are blue, green, red, and silver, and it is another one of our more affordable options.


7. Leifheit Long-Handled Open Dustpan and Brush Set

Leifheit Long Handled Closed Dustpan and Brush Set, Turquoise

Handle length: 120 cm

The Leifheit Long-Handled Open Dustpan and Brush set boasts an asymmetric broom that is designed to match the angle at which you sweep.

The dustpan has a longer rubber lip to ensure that all the dust gets pulled into the broom and nothing slips between the gap.

The dustpan also folds up to efficiently save space in storage, and it has an edge that is designed to scrape the dirt and dust off the bristles of the broom. The broom itself has split ends to make sweeping more efficient.

There is an adjustable head joint on the broom that helps reach the harder angles, especially any tight corners, or underneath furniture.

The broom clips neatly onto the handle of the dustpan, making for simple and effective storage of the set.

One thing that users have brought up is that the brush is slightly smaller than the dustpan, which can sometimes affect the dust going into the pan efficiently when sweeping.


How to Choose the Best Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set for You

The best way to narrow down the best option for you would be to consider a handful of key things. Try to think about exactly what it is that you would look for in a dustpan and brush set and see if the breakdown below helps with your choice.

Are you particularly tall?

Some options are more convenient for taller people to use than others. For instance, the Treelen Broom and Dustpan Brush Combo can reach all the way to 137 cm, which would mean not even having to twitch at the waist. This is much better for back support for our taller readers.

Do you want it to be easy to store?

There are a few options on our list that have excellent storage options. The Leifheit, OXO, Jekayla, and TreeLen sets both have a handy folding feature on the actual dustpan so that it folds up for easy storage.

The Spontex set is designed so that the broom fits perfectly into the dustpan and the whole set stands vertically.

Is pricing important?

The most affordable of our options are the Dustpan & Brush Store’s set and the Spontex set, both of which come in at under £15 (at the time of writing).

The pricier options on the list are the Vileda DuActiva set and the OXO set, both of which are priced at above £20 (at the time of writing).



After all of this research, if we had to narrow our list down to one single product that we believe is the best, we would recommend the Vileda DuActiva Anti Dust Broom and Long Handle Dustpan set.

This set is practical, reliable, attractive, and very well-made. We truly believe that it is worth adding to your collection of useful household cleaning tools.