Blu Tack Alternative That Doesn’t Leave Marks

Is There a Blu Tack Alternative That Doesn’t Leave Marks?

Blu Tack is most people’s go-to when it comes to hanging pictures or posters on the walls of their homes.

However, Blu Tack has a nasty habit of leaving oily marks behind or pulling paint off walls. That fact has led some households to just avoid using it where possible, and some people even have a clause banning the use of Blu Tack and similar putties in their tenancy agreements.

Blu Tack is a tacky putty that is used to stick things to other things. The usual use is hanging pictures or pieces of paper on walls, but some people do find other weird and wonderful ways to use this sticky stuff.

Blu Tack (and most similar alternatives) have quite a high oil content, and that is what can leave the nasty stains that are hard to remove.

Here are some Blu Tack alternatives that don’t leave marks.

1. Command Strips

Command Strips

Command Strips are an absolute godsend when it comes to hanging heavier items on walls without using Blu Tack.

These strips work in a similar way to hook-and-loop tape but have a handy pull tab that allows you to remove the strip from the wall without damaging the surface. Easy!


2. Hook and Loop Tape

Depending on what you need to hang, the regular hook-and-loop tape may be an option. This might be most suitable if you want to hang flexible items, such as fabrics or tapestries, or even if you are hanging items on a curved wall.

Some types of hook-and-loop tape are designed to be easy to remove without causing damage.


3. Double-Sided Removable Tape

Double-Sided Removable Tape

Double-sided tape is an age-old solution to this problem. Double-sided removable tapes aren’t as tacky as regular tapes, and so will not pull paint off the wall or tear posters or pictures when removed. The tape should easily detach from both surfaces, even after years of use.

If you decide to choose this method, be aware that climate and temperature can influence this type of tape. If the tape gets too hot or too cold, it may either detach on its own or end up damaging either the wall or the picture.


4. Washi Tape

Washi (or paper) tapes are a much gentler solution than some of the others on this list. These tapes are very lightly tacky and can be found in a range of colours and finishes to suit any taste.

Simply use a small strip of washi tape across the edges or corners of things like photos and postcards to hang them on the walls with a little added flair.


5. Yarn and Pegs

Yarn and Pegs

This solution is both cheap and cheerful and decorative. It’s a win-win!

Simply run a line of yarn across a wall, and fix the ends with a nail, picture hook, or tie it onto existing fixtures. Once the yarn (or twine) is in place, simply hang your photos and papers on the yarn using colourful clothes pegs, bulldog clips, or paper clips.


6. Cork Board

If you want to hang lots of little items, you might be better off investing in a corkboard. You could hang the corkboard using something like Command Strips, screws, hooks, or other fixings.

Once this is up, you can just pin papers and pictures to the board without damaging your wall, and you can just take them down again as and when you don’t need them.

Corkboards are especially effective if used by desks or in home offices.


7. Magnetic Paint

This may sound like an extreme example, but if you are a homeowner or your landlord will let you repaint, it may be one to consider.

Simply paint over your wall with magnetic paint, and invest in magnets to hold everything up!