denture tablet cleaning hacks

17 Amazing Denture Tablet Cleaning Hacks

Did you know that denture tablets can be used to clean loads of other items in a house too? 

It may sound like a myth to some of you. But in reality, denture cleaning tablets are super easy to come by, can be bought at a reasonable price, and can actually remove dirt and transform grubby objects in your home. 

So, don’t waste any more time mulling this over, check out 17 denture tablet cleaning hacks below. You’ll be flabbergasted at what these tiny tablets can do! 

1. Whiten Net Curtains

white net curtain

White net curtains don’t hold their colour for very long, after all, they are continuously exposed to whatever is in the air in your house. 

So, giving them a quick spruce up now and again is a sure way of making them look spik and span once more. And all you need for the job are some denture cleaning tablets. 

To whiten net curtains with denture tablets, all you need to do is fill a bucket or bathtub with warm water. Then you need to add two to three tablets to the water, and agitate the water slightly, so that the denture tablets get mixed into the water. 

Next, you need to add your net curtains, and finally, you leave them overnight to soak in the water. 

The next morning you need to rinse and wash the net curtains as normal. They’ll be looking as good as new for you. 

Check out our in-depth guide on how to whiten net curtains with Steradent for more tips!


2. Clean Shower Heads

shower head

Although clean water comes out of the shower head, the shower head itself can become quite dirty. But there’s a quick fix to this problem: denture tablets!

To clean a shower head with denture tablets, all you need to do is fill a bowl with warm water, add four tablets to the water and allow them to dissolve. 

Next, grab an old toothbrush and soak it in the water, and then start scrubbing at the shower head. You will need to continue this process until the shower head is clean. 

When you’re done, just rinse the shower head with warm water to remove any excess product. 


3. Remove Stains from Teaspoons 

teaspoon stains

Teaspoons start to look a little weathered and tarnished over a period of time, but you can revive your teaspoons with a couple of denture tablets! 

All you need to do is add two to three denture cleaning tablets to a bowl of hot water. Then you just need to pop the stained teaspoons into the watery mix and wait about half an hour. 

For more stubborn stains you should add more denture tablets, or leave the teaspoons in the water for longer. 

Remember to rinse and clean the teaspoons as usual when you’re done.


4. Remove Stains from a Toilet Bowl

remove toilet bowl stains with denture tablet

At some stage your toilet may become a little discoloured. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m sure you can guess why such discoloration occurs! 

However, you can sort the issue out with some denture tablets. 

So, before you add dentures to your toilet bowl it is a good idea to clean the toilet bowl. You can do this by picking up a toilet cleaner from the supermarket, for example. 

When you’ve done this initial clean, you need to add six denture cleaning tablets to the toilet bowl. 

The tablets need to be left in the water overnight, so it’s a good idea to do this exercise before bed! 

In the morning flush the toilet and wipe away any marks that are left behind.  

Keep in mind that this hack may not work on extremely stained toilet bowls.  


5. Remove Stains from Plastic Tubs and Containers

plastic tub or container stain

Saving your delicious leftover Bolognese for lunch the next day sounds like a grand plan. It generally works out well, but then you find your poor plastic container has been plagued by a horrible orange mess. 

Washing up liquid doesn’t seem to make that much difference when you clean your container, but denture tablets will be able to eradicate your problem!

Simply add two to three denture cleaning tablets to your soiled plastic container, wait an hour or so, then wash your container out as normal. 

If need be, you can repeat this process, especially if you have stubborn stains. 


6. Clean Vases


A vase can be an excellent addition to a home, but some vase shapes are actually very hard to clean. 

Yep, I’m talking about the vases that have a very narrow neck. The ones that are so slender that you cannot possibly fit your hand through the gap to clean the bottom of the vase. 

It’s incredibly annoying because a lot of flower gunk ends up at the bottom of a vase, and it has to be cleaned out properly! 

Lucky for you, denture tablets will come to your rescue on this matter. 

Simply drop one to two denture tablets into the vase that needs cleaning, then fill the vase up with hot water and leave it alone for half an hour. 

When the half hour’s up, just empty the vase and swill it out with some water. Repeat if necessary. 


7. Clean Water Bottles

water bottles

Water bottles can get a little mucky after being left for a little while. So, to bring your bottle back to life, just add two denture tablets to it. Then fill the bottle up with warm water and leave it for an hour. 

When the time is up, wash the bottle as you would normally. 

You may need to add fewer or more denture tablets depending on the size of your water bottle. 


8. Pre-Treat Stained White Items

stained white shirt

If you’ve got soiled white items at home, you might be thinking about binning them, or giving them to someone who can fix them. 

But, you can actually remove the stains from your white items much quicker than you might actually think! 

All you need to do is fill a large bucket with hot water and add three denture tablets to it. Mix the water around so the tablets dissolve a little quicker. 

Then grab your marked white item, this could be a napkin, a top or a tablecloth, for example, and pop it into the bucket.

Go back and remove your item from the water after half an hour and assess the results. If need be, you can leave the item in the water for longer. 

However, you should check on your item continuously throughout this period. 

Once you’re satisfied that your item is free of the stain, you need to launder it as normal.  


9. Clean Discoloured Cups and Mugs

Clean Discoloured Cups and Mugs with denture tablet

Mugs and cups start to look a little grotty after years of being used. You usually get discoloration in coffee mugs and tannin lines in tea cups! 

Although the marks don’t usually hinder the taste of your hot beverage, they don’t look that nice. 

One way you can get rid of these unsightly marks though is to use denture cleaning tablets. 

Simply add one denture tablet to every cup and mug you need to clean. Then pour some hot water into each cup and mug, and leave them for about half an hour. 

When the time has passed, just rinse and wash the cups and mugs as normal. 

You may need to add an additional denture tablet to extra stained items.  


10. Unclog Drains

unclog drain with denture tablet and vinegar mix

If you’ve got a blocked drain in your home that’s causing you grief, all you need to do is pour a denture tablet and vinegar mix down it. 

Dissolve three to four denture tablets in a cup of white vinegar, then pour this mixture down the drain in question. 

Wait a few minutes before running the tap to see if the blockage has been removed. You can repeat this exercise if need be. 


11. Remove Burnt Food from Pans/Dishes

cleaning burnt pot or pans

If you’ve accidentally left a pan of spuds to boil dry, or your lasagne was a little overcooked in the dish, you may be having trouble removing these burning problems from your cooking gear. 

It needn’t be that way. All you need to do is fill each problematic pan/dish with water, add a denture tablet to each one, and allow them to rest in this state for an hour. 

When you return later, you just need to rinse and wash the pans/dishes as you would normally. 

Feel free to add an extra denture tablet to very stained pans/dishes. 


12. Clean Retainers

Clean Retainers with denture tablets

Denture tablets, as the name suggests, clean dentures. So, why not use denture tablets to clean retainers too? 

Retainers, unlike dentures, are used to keep the wearer’s teeth in place after they’ve had their braces removed, however they are both usually subjected to the same dirt and saliva. 

So, it would make sense to clean retainers and dentures in the same way. It would be a lot more hygienic than using just water too!  

To clean a retainer with a denture tablet just pop the retainer in a cup, fill the cup with some warm water and add a single denture cleaning tablet. 

Remove and rinse the retainer after ten minutes and they’ll look a lot cleaner than they did at the start. 


13. Clean Thermal Flasks

thermal flask

A thermal flask is a welcome companion when you go out for a long walk on a sunny summer afternoon. However, after years of carrying around your tea and coffee, the poor thermal flask will become overrun with stains. 

Lucky for you, denture tablets can remedy this situation for you! 

Simply add two to three denture tablets to your flask and fill it with hot water. Allow the flask to rest like this for an hour or so, then empty, rinse and wash the flask as usual. 


14. Clean Water Packs/Hydration Packs

hydration pack

If you’re an avid walker, you probably carry a hydration pack around with you as you go about your travels. They’re a pretty neat idea, until they get a little bogged down with dirt. 

Yet, there’s a simple solution to this problem. You pop a denture tablet into the pack and fill it with water. You then leave it for an hour. Once the time has passed you can empty the pack and wash it as normal. 


15. Clean Cloudy Glassware

cloudy glass due to white soap residue

Drinking glasses often get speckled with soapy residue marks that are usually caused by washing up liquid not being rinsed off correctly. 

To get rid of these stains all you need to do is fill the sink up with water, and pop a denture or tablet or two into the water. Allow the glassware to rest in the sink for half an hour, and when you’re done, rinse and wash the glasses. 


16. Remove Stains from Teapots

dirty teapot

Teapots are used to serve our favourite drink here in the UK, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that there are a fair few stained teapots around the place. 

Getting rid of the tannin-related problem is actually easier than you think though. All you have to do is fill the teapot up with hot water, pop one to two denture tablets into the pot and wait an hour. 

When the time has passed you just have to rinse and wash the teapot out as normal, and then you’re good to go again.


17. Clean Tiles and Baths

cleaning dirty bathroom tiles

Tiles are not exactly one of the first things a lot of people think about when cleaning a bathroom. The toilet, the bathtub and the taps are usually the main focus. However, cleaning the tiles in a bathroom is so much easier than you think! 

Just fill a clean spray bottle up with a couple of denture tablets and add hot water. Next, allow the denture tablets to dissolve in the water. 

Then spray the tiles with the new solution you’ve created, and wipe them down with a clean cloth. Continue to repeat this process until you’ve washed all of your tiles down. 

You should repeat the above process for your bath.