Whiten Net Curtains with Steradent

How to Whiten Net Curtains with Steradent

If you’re looking for an easy way to whiten your net curtains that won’t take an age or cost a fortune, then look no further than Steradent tablets.  

“Are they the same Steradent tablets that you use to clean dentures?”, I hear you ask. Yes, they are! 

Believe it or not, these little tablets can actually work miracles when it comes to cleaning dentures and whitening net curtains – who would’ve thought it!

Find out how to whiten net curtains with Steradent below.

How to Whiten Net Curtains with Steradent Tablets 

Steradent tablets remove a lot of grime, stains and germs from dentures. They don’t just clean them; they make dentures white again. So, it’s no wonder that these tablets are a fan favourite when it comes to whitening dull net curtains too. 

Where can you buy Steradent tablets?

Steradent tablets can be bought from most supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Check out the following stores: 

They’re usually not too expensive to buy, and you get 30 tablets in a tube, unless you purchase the extra-large pack that comes with 136 tablets. There are more than enough tablets in one single tube to clean your net curtains though!  

Prices do vary depending on which shop you go to and which Sterdent product, but it’s only a few pence difference between the products. 

You can stick to using Steradent Active Plus when it comes to whitening your net curtains. Plus, it’s also the cheapest one to buy. However, if you want to use Steradent Pro White for the added kick that would also be fine.

Whitening net curtains with Steradent

Whitening net curtains with Steradent

What you need: 

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Ladder – optional
  • Bathtub or large bucket
  • Steradent tablets 
  • Warm water 
  • Gloves
  • Eye wear 

Steps to follow to whiten your net curtains with Steradent:

  1. Pop your protective gear on – gloves and eye protection.
  2. Remove your net curtains from the window – use a ladder and get someone to help you, if need be.
  3. Gently hoover your net curtains to remove excess dust and dirt – don’t be too rough, you don’t want to snag the delicate material. 
  4. Fill a bathtub or a bucket with warm water – the water doesn’t need to be boiling hot. 
  5. Pop two to three Steradent tablets into the water.
  6. Slosh the water around a little. 
  7. Pop your net curtains into the water.
  8. Agitate the net curtains while they’re in the water – you don’t need to do this for too long. 
  9. Leave the net curtains to soak in the water overnight. 
  10. Remove and rinse the net curtains the next day under warm water. 
  11. Pop the net curtains into the washing machine, select the delicate wash setting and wash them as normal. 
  12. Allow the curtains to air dry before returning them to the window. 

Note: If you’re going to be washing several pairs of net curtains, you shouldn’t wash them all at once. You should spread your load out over a few days instead. If you’re using a bathtub, you should easily be able to whiten a pair of net curtains in it, but if you’ve only got a bucket, you may only be able to do half a pair at once. Adjust and repeat the process above accordingly.    


How Do You Keep Net Curtains White?

open windows near net curtains

Now that your net curtains are glowing, you’ll be wanting to keep them that way. So, here are a few tips to keep your net curtains in mint condition: 

  • Try to open the windows near the net curtains as often as possible, as this will allow plenty of fresh air to circulate. 
  • Try not to smoke around the net curtains as this causes discolouration and yellowing. 
  • Make a habit of hoovering and cleaning your net curtains.


What Other Products Can You Use to Whiten Net Curtains?

using vinegar or bleach on net curtains

There are a number of other products you can use to whiten your net curtains. You can try bleach and white vinegar, for example. However, you should keep in mind that other methods may be a little more time consuming and more costly. Read our guide on how to whiten net curtains for some more tips.