VonHaus: Who Are They?

VonHaus is a brand which produces a wide range of different products including vacuum cleaners, torches and power tools. There is also sister brand, VonShef, whose products include tools and accessories for the kitchen, they are also owned by the same umbrella brand – DomuBrands.

About DomuBrands

Founded in Manchester by Craig Foster and Mark Januszewski, DomuBrands has developed from selling imported goods online, to creating multiple ‘own-product’ brands, covering home, kitchen, pet products, fitness and beauty:

  • VonShef
  • VonHaus
  • Beautify
  • GoldCoast
  • Milo & Misty

They currently sell over one thousand different products across these brands and are continuing to grow. They design their products in Manchester, but outsource to their China based manufacturers for production. DomuBrands does not condone any form of modern slavery and all of their products are produced in ethical factories where the majority of production uses machinery. All of their suppliers have to adhere to strict rules and guidance to ensure that any of the 100+ staff work in an fair and safe environment.


VonHaus Products

There are thousands of products from VonHaus which are available to purchase online from Amazon, Tesco Direct or from the VonHaus website. Television wall brackets were one of the original products sold by VonHaus but now they cover products from luggage to scales to storage boxes.

Almost all of their cleaning and DIY products are designed with a cohesive colour scheme using predominantly black and orange. Other products have a modern and sleek design, which many people choose to adopt in their homes when it comes to appliances that are on show.

Overall, VonHaus seems to have some decent reviews on Amazon, but it does depend on the product – the majority of products have an average rating of 4 stars and above, with only a few falling at an average of 3+ stars. Like all brands, VonHaus has pros as well as cons, so let’s take a look at some of those now:


  • Vast choice of products
  • Price accesible
  • Nicely designed products – very design focused
  • UK based company (Manchester offices)
  • Amazon listings have Prime next day delivery option
  • Products are made in ethical factories
  • Warranty included with most products


  • Focus on vast range of products could leave room for quality levels to slip
  • Products are made in China and Southeast Asia*
  • Price may reflect the quality of certain products

* Overseas production is often seen as a con, as it means there are no new jobs being created in the UK. A lot of companies source their products from China and it has become the norm these days. This point as a con will depend on your opinion.


So what’s the verdict, is VonHaus a good brand?

If you’re looking for decently priced products, then the VonHaus brand would be a really good choice. Of course, for certain products, there may be alternative brands available who offer an even more accessible price point and a similar quality product.

One of the main reasons VonHaus is a good brand is because they have good values (ethical overseas supply), UK based offices and well designed products. With warranties offered on many of their products, you can purchase safe in the knowledge you are covered for any problems which might arise during the warranty period.

When it comes to keeping the house clean, VonHaus have got you covered, with plenty of products to help you out:

  • Window vacs
  • Steam cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Electric patio sweeping brushes
  • Mops & mop pads
  • Pressure washers
  • Humidifiers
  1. I purchased a 2 in 1 Von Haus Hedge and Grass Trimmer and need a washer replacement for the housing mechanism that holds the blades. I contacted Domu who advised that they cannot help. This is probably due to all the spare parts are made in wonderful China/Asia.

    What sort of service/company is this? So I am unable to use my hedge trimmer? What a waste of good hard earned money.

  2. In my experience, VonHaus products are total garbage. I’ve had tools and vacuum cleaners all of which were in the bin within months. Cheap Chinese made rubbish.

  3. Delivery is crap and their tracking is even worse. Called them several times and still not received. Paid the extra next day too. Was told they’d refund it too. Load of rubbish and so is their customer service.

  4. I totally disagree.I have many vonhaus products which are in daily use for many years with no problems encountered at all.
    Maybe you were just unlucky as we have all bought items from most of the worlds top manufacturers and been let down on occasions but that doesnt mean you can then label that product as rubbish.
    I stand by my comments that Vonhaus and Vonchef are brands you can trust and rely on

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