Washing machine

Are Washing Machines a Standard Size?

A lot of people wonder, “are washing machines a standard size and if so, how big is a standard washing machine?”

Are washing machines a standard size?

Instead of being an exact standard size, there is a rough standard size of washing machine. A standard washing machine in the UK measures 84-85 cm high, 59.5-60 cm wide and 50-60 cm deep.

As you can see, there is a small amount of variation.

The height and width measurements are usually the most important, as it doesn’t matter if a washing machine sticks out a bit into the room as long as it fits width and height ways.

A regular washing machine will fit into a space of 60 x 60 cm.

Are higher capacity washing machines bigger?

Washing machine capacities are usually given in kilogrammes rather than in centimetres, for example 8 kg. This refers to the capacity of the drum (the part that holds your washing). An 8 kg washing machine can hold 8 kg worth of dry washing.

It might seem logical to assume that a 10 kg washing machine would be bigger than a 7 kg washing machine, since it can hold more clothes.

However, this isn’t the case. Washing machines with load capacities from 7-10 kg are usually almost exactly the same size as each other. 10 kg washing machines can even be smaller in size than 7 kg washing machines.

Finding smaller washing machines

It can be hard to find smaller washing machines, for example machines less than 85 cm in height or with a 55 cm width.

Washing machines under 85 cm in height

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any washing machines under 85 cm in height when researching this article.

Washing machines with a width of 55 cm or less

Slimline washing machines that measure 55 cm or less in width are quite hard to find. If you want a washing machine this narrow, you will usually have to settle for something with a much smaller capacity than usual.

One option is the Zanussi ZWC1301, which has a 3 kg capacity and measures 67 cm high x 49.5 cm wide x 51.5 cm deep.