kettle descaler for washing machine

Can You Use Kettle Descaler in the Washing Machine?

If you’ve got some kettle descaler left over, you might be thinking about popping it into the washing to remove the limescale deposits in there. But is this such a good idea?

Using a specialised kettle descaler to descale a washing machine is not recommended. There are a number of reasons why this isn’t such a good idea. Find out more below.


Why Is Using a Kettle Descaler in a Washing Machine a Bad Idea?

1. Kettle descalers work too quickly

Kettle descalers typically get to work in mere minutes and have a bubbling/fizzing reaction when they are boiled in a kettle. This is slightly different to how official washing machine descalers descale a washer.

2. Kettle descaler comes in small packs

Kettle descalers can also be bought in sachet, powder and liquid forms and these packs sometimes don’t contain a huge amount of product. This makes perfect sense because a kettle is a small appliance, so you don’t need a huge dose of descaler!

However, you might find that you don’t have enough kettle descaler to descale a large appliance like a washing machine, especially if you were using a pre-measured sachet version.

3. Kettle descaler could damage your machine

In addition to this, a washing machine is usually an expensive machine. So, from this standpoint it would be better to maintain it in an appropriate manner, rather than risk damaging it by using the wrong kind of product!

After all, kettle descalers are called ‘kettle descalers’, so there’s a huge clue in the name: a washing machine isn’t mentioned!

kettle descaler for washing machine

4. Kettle descaler could void your warranty

It’s also worth considering that using the wrong kind of product to descale your washing machine might void your warranty. If this were to happen, you’d probably have to pay for any repair work in the future, which could be expensive.

So, ideally, you want to avoid putting yourself in this sort of position. It would be better to stick to what it says in the user manual when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your appliance!

5. Kettle descaler isn’t designed for washing machines

And finally, you’ll also notice that big-name brands tend to sell both a kettle descaler and a washing machine descaler. They do this so you buy the right item for the machine you’re trying to descale. So, it would be better to take note of this advice and adhere to it.

It’s for these reasons that kettle descalers are not suitable for washers. You’d, therefore, be better off buying an official, and arguably more suitable, cleaner and descaler for your washing machine, and a separate descaler for your kettle.

Oust Dishwasher and Washing Machine Descaler is one example you could look into when purchasing a washing machine descaler. This specialised descaler has been designed to remove troubling limescale and odours from washers, as well as dishwashers as an added bonus. In turn, the machines have a better lifespan and remain fresher for longer!


What Can You Use to Descale Both a Kettle and a Washing Machine?

descalers for both kettle and washing machine

Of course, purchasing separate descalers can get quite expensive, and it can be troublesome trying to store all the descalers in one place.

So, there is a simple solution to the issue—you can buy a multipurpose appliance descaler.

If you use a multipurpose appliance descaler you should be able to use the same product to clean both the kettle and the washing machine.

This should save you money in the long run, and these descalers, if used correctly and regularly, can yield great results even when they’re used in hard water areas.

Here are some multipurpose appliance descalers to check out:

HG’s Descaler for Appliances can be used to descale your kettle and washing machine. It can also clean out coffee machines and dishwashers as an added bonus.

A single 500 ml bottle should provide you with plenty of descaler, so you can clean your limescale-ridden items with ease.

However, when using this product, you need to adhere to the instructions on the bottle, because you descale each appliance in a different way.

Similarly, you could use Ecozone’s Multipurpose Appliance Descaler to descale your washing machine and kettle. This is a vegan and cruelty-free product that can also be used to clean a plethora of appliances in your home, including irons and shower heads. The natural ingredients can remove tough deposits and improve your appliances’ performances!

But as above, to use this product effectively you need to stick to the usage instructions on the packaging because you treat each item differently.

In addition to using multipurpose appliance descalers, you can descale both kettles and washing machines with white vinegar. Read our guide on descaling a kettle for a step-by-step guide.

Note: If you’re absolutely set on using a kettle descaler to descale your washing machine, and nothing is going to change your mind, remember that you do so at your own risk!


FAQs on Descaling Washing Machines

Can you use liquid descaler in the washing machine?

Yes, you can use a liquid descaler in a washing machine. Just make sure that the descaler you plan on using is suitable for washers before you use it.

Is hard water bad for your washing machine?

heating element limescale buildup

Yes, hard water can be bad for your washing machine because it causes limescale build-up in your appliance.

As a consequence, the deposits can fester inside your machine and can hinder how it works, and in most cases the washer starts to underperform!

You can’t really get rid of this problem, no matter where you live. But it can be particularly troublesome if you live in a hard water zone. So, you have to learn to deal with it.

One way of managing the situation is to actively clean the deposits out of your washing machine, and any other appliance that comes into contact with water (dishwasher/kettle for example), on a regular basis.

For more information on how to protect your washer from hard water read our dedicated guide.

Can you use Oust Descaler in the washing machine?

oust descaler for washing machine

Before you use any kind of descaler in your washing machine you must make sure that the product is suitable for your appliance.

In the case of Oust Powerful All Purpose Descaler you might think that it can be used in a washing machine because it has ‘all purpose’ written on the packaging. However, this product is ideal for small appliances, like kettles, showerheads, coffee machines and irons. But it isn’t designed for washing machines!

To descale a washing machine you’d need to use Oust’s Dishwasher and Washing Machine Descaler. This product has actually been designed to be used in your washing machine, as well as in your dishwasher, so you know it is suitable for these big appliances. Follow the instructions on the box to use the product correctly and safely.