Washing Machine Beeping

Washing Machine Beeping – Causes and Solutions

There are many reasons why you may find yourself with a suddenly chatty washing machine!

If you’re being driven up the wall by a sudden and unexplained beeping coming from your washing machine and you have no idea why, then this article will narrow down the five most common reasons.

There are a number of reasons why your machine could be beeping, but most of them are relatively easy to figure out. It may be good to try to dredge up your user manual from the depths of your drawers though.


Cause 1: Door Lock Issue

washing machine door

One of the most common issues for your machine to be suddenly beeping about is the door.

Washing machines are very sensitive when it comes to the door mechanism. They will beep if the door has not been closed properly, or if there is some sort of obstruction in the door.

If you try opening and closing the door and it either doesn’t work because of the lock system or you can’t see an immediate blockage, try looking at the drum around the inside of the door as well. Debris in this area could also cause an issue with the locking mechanism.

There is also always the possibility that the locking mechanism has broken or has a fault. This will mean that the wash cycle cannot run, and the machine will be beeping at you to inform you of the problem with the door.

If the issue is a fault with the door itself, then you may need to get a professional to come and take a look at the machine.


Cause 2: Water Drainage Is Blocked

water drainage and pipes for washing machine

If your machine is making an extended beeping sound during the draining period of your wash cycle, it’s likely that there’s an error with the drainage, possibly a clog in the drains.

Clogs can be caused in various ways, but usually it is a stuck object, like a sock or pair of underwear, that is causing the clog. It could also be a build-up of lint in the pipes.

If you can find a way to safely access the drainpipes and clear the blockage, then it will hopefully resolve the issue. If not, then it’s likely that you will need to contact a professional.


Cause 3: Washing Machine Is Unbalanced

washing machine load

Some washing machines can beep at you if you have either overfilled your machine or filled it unevenly, in a way that has thrown the drum out of balance.

Putting too many clothes in the drum can cause many issues in your wash cycle. It can make it much harder for your machine to turn and it will struggle to get a proper spin going. This can cause permanent damage to your machine.

The balance beeps could also be triggered if your machine has been placed on an uneven surface.

Check that all four feet are on the ground and that the ground is even below the machine and move the machine or find a way to make the legs even if they are not. This should solve the beeping swiftly and easily.


Cause 4: Faulty Controls or Software Issues

washing machine error code

If your machine is beeping constantly and really trying to get your attention, it may be a sign of something more serious.

Consistent beeping could mean a proper fault or error with the machine, such as a faulty control panel or a broken timer.

Ideally, this error will bring up some useful error codes on the screen of your machine, which you can use to search in the user manual or online to figure out exactly what has gone wrong.

There may be a simple solution in the user manual, but if not then you may also need to contact a professional to fix the issue.


Cause 5: Not Enough Water

water in washing machine

Finally, there could be an issue with the amount of water coming into or going out of the machine.

It may seem like a silly mistake, but is it possible that you forgot to turn on the water tap? It’s an easy mistake to make!

Alternatively, there could be issues with the drainpipe’s position. If it’s too low the water may be draining out from the machine too quickly.

This issue could also be caused by water pressure issues or a clog in the filters of the inlet pipe. It’s worth troubleshooting each of the options and seeing if you can resolve it yourself before getting a professional involved.



If your washing machine is beeping at you in a different way than the usual cheery tunes of a completed cycle, it’s likely that it’s trying to communicate that something is wrong. Don’t ignore these beeps, and definitely don’t mute your machine!

Listen to the type of beeps the machine is making and check the display for error messages. There may be a way to resolve the issue yourself, or you may need to get in touch with a professional that will come in and fix it for you.