Why You Have Maggots in your Bin

Why You Have Maggots in your Bin and What to do About it

Even the word maggots has my skin crawling… so to discover you have maggots in your bin is just something no one wants to see.

This is a relatively common problem for outdoor bins and wheelie bins, as they are exposed to the elements as well as all of the creatures that reside out there. Flies are always on the lookout for food, warmth and a place to lay their eggs and a sheltered wheelie bin with food gunk caked in the corners is like a dream come true for them – particularly in the summer months.


How to Get Rid of Maggots in Your Bin

If flies can gain access to the rubbish inside of your bin, then they may lay their eggs there, since there is a food source. These eggs can hatch into fly larvae (maggots) within 24 hours.

Of course, if these maggots are on top of the rubbish they will be disposed of when the binmen come, but if they’re at the bottom of the bin then you’re going to have to deal with them in other ways.

Use Fly Spray

If you have fly spray in the house then it is definitely worth giving the maggots (and any nearby flies) a spritz. This will kill the maggots and flies leaving you to dispose of their remains. If it is an indoor bin in which you discover maggots, it may be best to take it outside to deal with if this is a possibility.

Keep pets and children well away when using the fly spray and you could even wear a face covering to mask the smell and fumes.

Of course, you may not like the idea of using fly spray to kill maggots, as they are living creatures and the way this substance works to deal with pests isn’t the nicest to hear. If you are interested in how fly sprays work, we found this helpful article here.

Wash Them Away

Again, this may not feel like the nicest option but it does the job. Pour boiling water into the bottom of your bin to kill the maggots. You could opt to add a little bleach too just to make sure, but if you’d rather not use chemical-based cleaning products, then boiling hot water should do the trick.

Feed the Birds

If you have a garden or outdoor space in which you know that birds frequent, you could leave the maggots out as feed. Any maggots that drop to the ground may even be eaten by hedgehogs.

This video shows birds dining on maggots crawling out from a wheelie bin… surely this is the most Vegan-friendly way of dealing with maggots? Let nature take control.

Use Scented Cleaner

Give your bin a good scrub with some disinfectant to make sure there are no more eggs hanging around. Use your favourite scented disinfectant as this can actually deter flies from coming back to your bin. Zoflora is ideal as their scents are quite strong and they have so many options to choose from!


Reduce the Risk of Maggots

As well as making your bin smell super nice with some scented disinfectant, there are a few other ways in which you can deter flies from laying eggs in your bin again:

  • Keep a lid on it – covering up your rubbish means that flies should not be able to get in to lay their eggs in the first place.
  • Tie your bin bags – remove excess air from refuse bags and knot them closed so that they are inaccessible to any bugs.
  • Reduce your food waste – try not to throw away as much food, only buy what you need and perhaps compost unused foodstuffs rather than binning them. This website here has some great information about food wastage.
  • Rinse out packaging – recyclable AND unrecyclable packaging which has food residue on it should be rinsed before being placed in your bins.
  • Double wrap – food waste, pet waste and even nappies should be double wrapped.
  • Hang insecticide strips – these can be hung inside your bin to deter flies.
  • Use Citronella spray – this is a natural remedy which will discourage flies from entering your bin because they don’t like the smell.
  • Flush any ‘solids’ – disposable nappies could be emptied into the toilet before being placed in the bin (double-wrapped remember!)