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Borax powder in a jar with a scoop

Can You Buy Borax in the UK?

Do you watch cleaning hack videos on YouTube and keep hearing about something called borax? Otherwise known as sodium tetraborate, this powdery substance has so many applications – from getting rid of stains, mould and mildew to killing ants! If you’re intrigued, keep reading. What Is Borax? Sodium tetraborate is a derivative of boric acid …

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Tumble dryer dial and care label symbols

What Temperature Should You Use to Dry Clothes in a Dryer?

Temperature settings on your tumble dryer may be a bit baffling because surely the hottest setting will dry your clothes the fastest, right? Well, in short, that is true, but it could also damage some of your clothes! Using higher temperature settings on your dryer isn’t all that great for the environment either or your …

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Ironing Board with Pressed Shirts

How to Avoid Ironing Shirts

If anyone in your household wears shirts every day for work or for school, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep shirts crease-free or how frequently the ironing board is out. That pile of wrinkly clothes can often look quite daunting, so what if you didn’t have to iron everything!? There are …

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