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Tumble dryer dial

Best Tumble Dryers (2022 UK)

There are many ways to dry clothes, but tumble dryers are probably the easiest. You don’t need to wait for dry, windy weather to hang things on the line and you don’t need to worry about having your heating on and hanging everything over the clotheshorse – simply pop your clothes straight from the washing …

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Best Reed Diffusers

Best Reed Diffusers (2021 UK)

Reed diffusers are a hugely popular way to make your home smell delightful and there are so many scents to choose from to create the exact mood you’d like for every room in your house. You can even get fresh bread scented reed diffusers to make it seem as though you’ve been busy baking in …

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Error Code on a Hotpoint Washing Machine

What Does F05 Mean on a Hotpoint Washing Machine?

Washing machines these days are all singing and all dancing, which can be extremely helpful, especially when you want to troubleshoot your machine to find out what’s causing any problems. But, this is only helpful when you know how to translate the issue the washing machine says it has. Smart Hotpoint washing machines display error …

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Venetian Blinds

How to Clean Venetian Blinds

If you own or have ever owned Venetian blinds, then you’ll know how much of a dust magnet they are AND how much of a pain they can be to clean. Getting in between each individual slat to remove dust and dirt is a time-consuming job, there’s no real quick way around cleaning this type …

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Cleaning Limescale from the Toilet

How to Remove Limescale From a Toilet (Including Below the Waterline)

Limescale is sadly something that can’t be avoided when there’s water involved and bathrooms are a haven for limescale – especially the toilet bowl. Grubby toilets are not the look we’re aiming for, so it’s important to keep on top of cleaning to make it a quick and easy job to do each time. Here …

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Borax powder in a jar with a scoop

Can You Buy Borax in the UK?

Do you watch cleaning hack videos on YouTube and keep hearing about something called borax? Otherwise known as sodium tetraborate, this powdery substance has so many applications – from getting rid of stains, mould and mildew to killing ants! If you’re intrigued, keep reading. What Is Borax? Sodium tetraborate is a derivative of boric acid …

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