What is Bleachable Carpet

What Are Bleachable Carpets?

If you’ve been out and about looking at carpets, a salesperson may have told you about some fascinating stain-repellent carpets called “bleachable carpets”. No this wasn’t some sales scheme or a joke – these are real carpets.

So, what are they?

Bleachable carpets are carpets that are made from 100% polypropylene. The polypropylene fibres that make up the carpet are great at stopping stains and general marks from ruining the carpet. This is why they are considered to be “stain-repellent carpets”.

They are very easy to keep clean and are often recommended for kids’ bedrooms/playrooms in a home, because grime can be removed from them in no time at all.

As the name suggests you can clean these carpets with bleach, but how do you go about doing this safely? After all, bleach is still a strong chemical substance!


How to Use Bleach on a Bleachable Carpet


Before you work with bleach you should really prepare yourself, your products and the area you plan on working in. The fewer distractions you have when working with bleach the better it will be for you. Take your time and plan ahead!

  1. Double-check to see what your carpet is made from – 100% polypropylene is what you need!
  2. Pop some gloves and eyewear on – this is to protect you from the bleach.
  3. Remove kids and animals from the room – keep them out of the room for a while!
  4. Try and vacuum the carpet, so there aren’t large chunks of debris on the carpet.
  5. Brush the carpet to dislodge any bits of food that may be stuck in the fibres.
  6. Keep the windows open for ventilation.
  7. Prepare your room – move the furniture out of the way.

Cleaning Stain Resistant Carpet with Bleach

Cleaning a Bleachable Carpet

You must be very careful when you work with bleach, so take your time and clean your carpet slowly! And remember to get plenty of clean air into your lungs – stop cleaning and go outside for air, if need be.

What you need:

Steps to take:

  1. After you’ve done the above, you need to create your solution.
  2. Grab a clean spray bottle.
  3. Fill half of this spray bottle up with thin domestic bleach.
  4. Fill the remaining half of this spray bottle up with water.
  5. Find an inconspicuous area of carpet to test out the mixture you’ve created.
  6. Spread an even layer onto the discreet part and wait and see what happens – continue if you don’t see any discolouration or other issues.
  7. Go back to the main area of your carpet.
  8. Spray the carpet with an even layer of the mixture in the spray bottle.
  9. Allow the carpet to rest like this for up to an hour.
  10. Go and grab a clean cotton cloth.
  11. Dampen the cloth and start blotting at the carpet to remove the bleach – do not saturate your carpet!
  12. Make sure you remove as much bleach as you can.
  13. Dry the carpet with paper towels when you’re done.
  14. Open windows to help dry the carpet naturally.

You might need to grab a soft brush and use it to rub at tougher dirt that won’t come off by itself.


Bleachable Carpet FAQs

Are bleachable carpets 100% bleach-proof?

The fibres in bleachable carpets are not the same as the fibres found in wool/cord carpets, so bleach won’t damage them as much. However, as with any carpet, constant walking and cleaning will eventually wear out the carpet in time.

Can I clean a regular carpet with bleach?

Absolutely not! The only carpet that can be cleaned with bleach is a 100% polypropylene carpet. Bleach will damage and weaken all other types of carpet, including carpets made from wool and cord.

Will I be able to use bleach to remove mould from my bleachable carpet?

Ideally, you should use a product that is dedicated to removing mould from a carpet. Bleach may not be as useful as you think when it comes to mould.

Can I use regular carpet cleaners to clean my bleachable carpet?

Yes, you can use normal carpet cleaners to clean this kind of carpet. Just because you’ve bought a bleachable carpet, it doesn’t mean that you have to bleach it to clean it.

What type of stains will bleach remove from my polypropylene carpet?

Most stains should be fairly easy to remove from a polypropylene carpet, in fact, this type of carpet is known for being stain resistant. Some stain examples are dirt (mud), wine stains and ink from a pen.