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How to Get Blueberry Stains Out of Carpets

Accidentally dropped and squashed a few blueberries on the carpet as you watched your favourite film?

Although at first glance the purple-blue mess will look like a nightmare to remove, if you act fast and take out the stain as soon as it happens, your carpet shouldn’t be tainted by the blueberry juice.

Follow the method below to remove blueberry stains from a carpet.

Follow the method below to rid your carpet of pesky blueberry stains!


Tips to Remember When Removing Blueberry Stains from Carpets

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Before treating a blueberry stain on a carpet, keep these tips in mind:

  • Act fast and remove the stain quickly.
  • Only use cold water to treat blueberry stains!
  • Be prepared to repeat the cleaning steps below because the stain may not disappear after a single treatment.
  • Make sure your carpet is clean before you leave it to dry. Dried blueberry stains are hard to remove.
  • Test your chosen cleaning product(s) out on a discreet patch of carpet first! Pick a small patch in the corner of the room that nobody will see!
  • No scrubbing a blueberry stain, just blot at it.


How to Get Blueberry Stains Out of Carpets

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Steps to follow:

  1. Gently scrape up any blueberry pieces that you see. Don’t be rough—you don’t want to drive the blueberry mess any further into the carpet’s fibres!
  2. Grab some paper towels and blot up the juice.
  3. Whilst your hand is covered in a fresh layer of paper towels, hold the carpet’s fibres between two fingers, and gently pull and twist the fibres upwards. This’ll tease the juice out of the fibres, rather than driving the juice deeper into the carpet.
  4. Repeat this process multiple times to remove as much blueberry juice as you can from the area.
  5. Cover the entire stained area in lemon juice.
  6. Wait no more than five minutes, then repeat Step 3 to draw out the excess liquid and blueberry remnants.
  7. In a spray bottle mix one cup of water with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid.
  8. Spray the blueberry stain with this solution, but don’t oversaturate the carpet.
  9. Wait a few minutes.
  10. Repeat Step 3 to remove the excess liquid and products from the carpet’s fibres.
  11. Pop a neutral covered towel over the treated area.
  12. Put some heavy items on top of the towel. These items will press down on the carpet and will encourage the water to soak into the towel.
  13. Check the area after about an hour.
  14. If the blueberry stain is still on the carpet, you will need to continue treating the area.
  15. Pop a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in a shallow dish (rubbing alcohol also works).
  16. Grab a clean, neutral coloured cloth and dip it into the hydrogen peroxide.
  17. Wring out the excess liquid.
  18. Blot the carpet with the solution until the stain has been removed.
  19. Grab a second clean cloth that has been soaked in just water.
  20. Wring the cloth out and blot the treated area.
  21. Leave the carpet to air dry and then hoover it to restore the pile.

Tip: Have a look around the room to make sure you’ve gathered up all the stray blueberries! A tiny blueberry might’ve made a great escape, and managed to reach the other end of the room!


Alternatives Methods for Removing Blueberry Stains from Carpets

If the above method isn’t taking your fancy, you could look into these cleaning alternatives:

Specialist stain remover products

Specialist stain remover products for carpet

These specially designed stain removers can offer an easy way to get blueberry stains out of your carpet:


Rent a carpet cleaner

If you’ve treated your carpet, and the blueberry stain has more or less disappeared, perhaps you just need to clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner to remove the final remnants.

You can either buy a carpet cleaner for your home, or you can rent a machine for a day or so. You could, for example, rent a RugDoctor.

To rent a RugDoctor you can either go directly to the company, or you could pick a cleaner up from B&Q, Morrisons, Timpsons, or The Range to name a few places. For more information on how the rental process works and what costs are involved, visit the RugDoctor website.

professional carpet cleaner


Hire a professional carpet cleaner

If renting a carpet cleaner isn’t for you, perhaps you could call a professional carpet cleaner in to clean the floor for you.

This type of service isn’t necessarily cheap, so keep in mind that this process could cost you a fair amount.

That being said, this type of treatment is ideal if you have a delicate carpet, if you’ve got lots of stains that need to be cleaned away, or if you’ve got multiple carpets and floors that need to be cleaned at once.

If you’re going to go down this route, make sure you ask plenty of questions. And find out if you need to prepare the room before the people arrive to clean the carpet(s)! Shuffling furniture around is hard work, so prepare in advance if you need to.


Are Blueberry Stains Permanent?

vacuum carpet stain

Blueberry stains can become permanent if they are not treated in time. Carpets, like other items in a home, can be tarnished by the sugary juices that are packed inside the little blueberries.

In some cases, if the blueberry stain is really bad and is very old, it isn’t always possible to remove it from a carpet, however much you try to treat it! As a consequence, the carpet will always be stained.

It’s always better to remove a blueberry mess from a carpet as quickly as possible, and then treat the stained area.

An aged stain is much harder to remove because the blueberry juice will have soaked into the carpet’s fibres, and it’ll be difficult to tease the grubby residue out!