laundry bag in tumble dryer

Can You Put a Laundry Bag in the Tumble Dryer?

Laundry bags can prove to be a lifesaver if you need to wash lots of small items or delicates that could otherwise get damaged if they get tangled together. 

Whilst most people use laundry bags in the washing machine regularly, they often pose a question. Can laundry bags be used in the tumble dryer too?

Can a Laundry Bag Go in the Tumble Dryer?

laundry bag in tumble dryer

Most laundry bags certainly can go in the tumble dryer! The majority of laundry bags are made from sturdy polyester or nylon that can handle the heat of a tumble dryer. 

Before you put your laundry bag and all of its contents in the tumble dryer, there are certain things that you should check. To start, make sure that the laundry bag definitely is safe for use in a tumble dryer. Whilst most are, there will be exceptions to this rule.

You should also avoid overfilling the bags. If you have one large and heavy laundry bag in your tumble dryer, the drum will end up off balance. This can lead to your clothing not drying very well, and, if you do it regularly, it could damage the tumble dryer too.

You will also need to make sure that the garments in the laundry bag are definitely safe to tumble dry. Just because the garments are in a bag does not mean that they are protected from the heat of the dryer.


What Is a Laundry Bag?

laundry bags

Laundry bags are simply mesh bags that are fastened either with a drawstring or a zip. These bags come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are designed to protect laundry from getting tangled, damaged, or caught during the cycle. You can often find purposefully shaped laundry bags that are designed specifically for bras.

The mesh is designed to let the water and detergents through easily, whilst stopping ties or tassels from escaping the bag and getting caught. This helps your clothing last much longer.

Most households will use laundry bags for lingerie, however there are more uses for a laundry bag than just lingerie. Laundry bags are ideal for delicate materials that could be damaged if they catch on buttons or zips, bathing suits, bras and more.

In addition to delicate or easily damaged materials, laundry bags are also a great way to keep all of the little one’s tiny socks in one place.