How Much Do Window Cleaners Charge in the UK

How Much Do Window Cleaners Charge in the UK? (2021)

Maintaining your windows will not only help them look fresh and new but can extend their lifespan too. 

If left dirty, the glass will prevent natural light from getting into your property, leaving your home dark. Simply cleaning your windows can brighten up your entire home and breathe a new lease of life into your rooms in just a few hours.

Average Window Cleaning Prices in the UK

cleaning window with a a high-pressure sprayer

Typically, quotes for window cleaning in the UK could be as low as £9.50 or as high as £150 depending on the scope of the specific job. The average home will need to pay around £40 to have their outside windows cleaned.

The exact price that you are likely to pay to get your windows cleaned will vary depending on a variety of factors. Pricing will be affected by the size of your home, the number of floors the building is over, the size of each window, and where you live.

Your quote will also be affected by how easy the windows will be to clean; some types of windows may require specialist equipment or just be harder or more dangerous to work with, which will increase the cost.


What Affects the Cost of Window Cleaning?

Like most jobs, there are a variety of factors that can affect the price that you are quoted for window cleaning. 

One key factor will be the type of property and how big it is. Bigger domestic properties can expect to pay more, as can commercial buildings.

Properties over multiple floors can also expect to pay more depending on how high the windows are that need cleaning. 

Higher windows are more dangerous to reach, and so may need extra equipment for the job to be done safely. In the same way, the accessibility of your windows will also influence the price that you are quoted.


Prices by Property Size

man cleaning big windows

For domestic properties, the biggest factor that influences the cost of a window cleaning job is the size of the property and the length of time the job is likely to take.

Semi-detached properties, for example, usually take between 1 and 2 hours, and will cost in the vicinity of £33.25 to £45. 

Terraced properties will also take between 1 and 2 hours and are usually quoted between £14.25 and £40 depending on the size of the home.

Detached properties tend to have more windows, and so they will likely take more than 2 hours to complete. As a result, the cost increases to between £42.75 and £50.

The price of window cleaning for bungalows varies, and usually starts from around £30.

Small flats with few windows may pay as little as £9.50, however this will depend on what floor the flat is on and how easy the windows are to access.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can expect to pay considerably more than domestic properties would. 

Whilst domestic properties can expect to be quoted up to £150, it is not uncommon for commercial properties to be quoted between £100 and £150. 

This difference is because commercial windows are typically more time consuming and even potentially more dangerous to clean than domestic windows are.


Conservatory Windows

man cleaning conservatory windows

If you have a conservatory, you will also benefit from having this cleaned regularly. The amount of glass that will need cleaning means that you will usually pay more than other property types. 

If you just need the exterior of your conservatory cleaned, you can expect to pay around £76. If you need the exterior and interior cleaned, this can increase to between £90 and £200 depending on the conservatory’s size.

If you want to deep clean the conservatory, you can expect to pay between £300 and £450.


Why Does the First Clean Cost More?

If you have had a quote for your window clean, you might find that you have been given a price for the first clean, and a lower one for subsequent visits. 

One reason that this happens is because frequently cleaned windows are much easier to clean than ones that haven’t seen a sponge let alone detergent in years. As a result, the repeat visits can be quicker, and this saving can be passed on to you.

The increased cost of the first visit will also include that an initial visit to the property is required to generate a quote, and to ensure that the job is still worthwhile to the cleaning company if the customer does not opt for a regular service.


How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

To keep your windows looking their very best, a 4 weekly clean is recommended. However, for those on a more limited budget, an 8 weekly service will still be of benefit. 

Bear in mind, however, that you will likely be able to get better prices the more frequently you have your windows cleaned.


Window Cleaning Methods

woman cleaning window with cloth

There are a variety of methods that could be used to clean your windows, and professionals will use the method best suited for your specific property.

Traditional window cleaning methods involve squeegees, high quality cleaning chemicals and microfibre cloths that will help preserve the glass. This method is best suited to ground floor windows, and any that are easy to reach safely with a ladder.

Water-fed pole cleaning is best used for windows up to around 24m high. Water is sprayed onto the window at height, from a pole fitted with a brush and water jets. This method is commonly used for blocks of flats.

In the case of exceptionally large buildings, such as office blocks or towers, elevated platforms may be more appropriate. These are used for windows that just cannot be reached safely by either a pole or a ladder and can be used to reach windows up to 60m high.


Can You Do it Yourself?

cleaning the window with squeegee

Supermarkets and DIY stores are full of affordable window cleaning products to help the average person clean their own windows. 

Whilst you can easily clean ground floor windows or the insides of your windows yourself, it is worth remembering that professionals will be better suited to cleaning the outsides of windows, especially those that are higher up or otherwise harder to reach

Professionals are trained in how to safely work at height, and they will have all the necessary tools to give you the best results, without accidentally damaging your windows or compromising their safety.