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Best Fabric Freshener Sprays (UK)

A good fabric freshener spray can make all the difference to your day when you suddenly realise that you want to wear your favourite outfit, but you already wore it once and it’s not quite clean but also not quite dirty enough to go in the wash. All it really needs is a quick refresh.

This is where a freshener spray comes in! A speedy spritz over your outfit and a short 20-minute wait later and you’re smelling fresh and looking great on your way out the door.

These sprays are useful in other situations too, including quickly eliminating that wet dog smell lingering in the air above your couch right before guests come over, or removing the smell of last night’s hamburger smoke from the curtains.

So, which spray is the best one for you? Here’s a short list that should put you on the right track when making the decision.


Best Fabric Freshener Sprays in the UK

1. Dettol Spray and Wear Fabric Clothes Freshener Spray

Dettol Spray and Wear Fabric Clothes Freshener Spray is specially designed to eliminate 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria that may have accumulated on your clothes.

All you have to do is give your clothes a gentle spray with the product from a distance of 20-25 cm and they will be left clean and smelling like fresh cotton.

The clothes will be wet for a little while and it is a good idea to allow them to air dry fully before attempting to wear them.

This product is perfect for harder to wash items, like blazers, coats and other pieces that may typically require a dry cleaner. It is also a clever way to reduce wrinkles in your clothing and to smooth out the fabrics, ensuring you don’t need to iron the item.

Each bottle is only 250 ml, which is perfect for packing in a suitcase to be used during long holidays with little access to a washing machine.

Dettol is a well-known brand when it comes to cleaning products and their expertise is widely trusted. Many users mentioned that they found the freshener spray incredibly useful, and affordable, especially when bought in bulk.


2. Febreze Fabric Freshener Spray, Lavender with Lenor

Scent: Lavender

Febreze is another well-known brand, especially when it comes to fresh and delicious scents! The Febreze Fabric Freshener Spray, Lavender with Lenor is no exception!

This spray swiftly eradicates odours and freshens the fabric as it dries, leaving a lingering pleasant fragrance.

The product has been dermatologically tested and approved and is safe to use on any fabric that may have skin contact.

Febreze’s spray is perfect to use on particularly hard to wash items, including furniture like couches or mattresses, as well as rugs, carpets, and curtains. The spray works to quickly neutralize any trapped odours and prevent them from returning to the material.

The product is highly effective on odours such as smoke, cooking scents, and animal smells. It’s also useful for cars, gym bags, and hard to clean linens.

Various users have commented that the smell of this product is long-lasting and very fresh, but also say that it is a pricier option when it comes to fabric freshening sprays.


3. Astonish Fabric Refresher Cotton Fresh

Scent: Cotton Fresh

Astonish Fabric Refresher in the Cotton Fresh scent is another product with a strong but pleasant smell. The fragrance is not overwhelming but does remain refreshing.

This is another product that is ideal for various other items besides clothes, such as couches, curtains, and carpets. It can deodorise any lingering musty, damp, or stale smells, as well as scents left behind by pets or cooking.

The bottle is a little bigger at 750 ml, which makes it perfect for use around the house and ensures that the product itself will last a little longer. The size also means it has slightly better value for money.

There is also a comfort grip on the bottle which makes it more functional and easily usable and ensures that the nozzle is easy to aim at whatever item you’re wanting to spray.

Some users have mentioned that the product is effective, and the smell is very pleasant, although sometimes does not last as long as it should.

It has also been said that the spray can make the clothes a little wetter than expected so it may be important to ensure you use the product at least half an hour before the time that you are wanting to wear the item.


4. Febreze Fabric Freshener Spray

Febreze Fabric Freshener Spray, Odour Eliminator, Fresh, 4 Litre (500 ml x 8)

Scent: Febreze Classic Fresh

A second Febreze product is included on our list as the company is a frontrunner when it comes to deodorising technology. Their specific technology is called Odourclear and is designed to eradicate lingering odours and ensure a fresh fragrance is left behind.

The Febreze Fabric Freshener spray is designed for all fabric types rather than just clothes, and it’s known for using a fully natural nitrogen propellant to remove smells completely rather than simply mask them.

It works effectively on all fabrics, including those that are harder to wash, such as couches and carpets.

The product is also dermatologically tested and is safe on sensitive skin and for use around pets. The trigger on the bottle releases a light mist that will gently cover your surfaces and ensure the right amount in each space.

The spray has a number of scent options, but the original scent is the lightest and freshest option that users have claimed is delicate but not overpowering.


5. Airpure Pet Proud Fabric Freshener

airpure PET PROUD Fabric Freshener, 750ml Spray, Pet Odour Eliminator, Refresher Spray for the Mattress, Bed, Linen, Carpet, Clothing, Remove Cat&Dog Smells From Home & Car - LINEN ROOM Fragrance

Scent: Linen

Airpure Pet Proud Fabric Freshener is designed to remove unpleasant odours that may be in the air in your home. The bottle is also 750 ml, which is a good size to make it an affordable option and to ensure it lasts for a fair amount of time.

Airpure is a family-run company that believes in creating innovative new products to fully eradicate bad smells in our homes, especially those created by our much-loved pets.

The product has been made without any sort of animal testing and the products are safe for use on sensitive skin and on various household surfaces.

Some users said that they found the scent of the Airpure fabric freshener not to be a sickly-sweet smell and that it remains light and fresh on the senses.

However, there are a number of users that have commented that the smell is not very long-lasting and that the product may be a little overpriced for the quality of what they received.


How to Choose the Fabric Freshener Spray for You

It can be challenging to decide what type of fabric freshener spray you’re looking for, but it depends on where you’re wanting to use it. There are options on the list aimed more at clothes and others that are aimed at furniture or other harder to clean fabrics.

There is something for everyone though, and the following questions may help you to discover which option is the right one for you.

Do you want to focus more on clothes or other fabrics?

If your priority is your clothing items rather than your furniture or bedding, then the best option for you is the Dettol Spray and Wear Fabric Clothes Freshener Spray, which is designed for clothes more than anything else.

This product will work on all clothing types and will leave them as fresh as if they’d just gone through a cycle in your washing machine.


Are you looking for a cheaper choice?

If price is an issue for you then there are still a few very good options here for you. The most affordable product (when not bought in bulk) is the Astonish Fabric Refresher Trigger Spray, which is under £2 per bottle (at the time of writing), and still has excellent reviews and ratings.


Is the scent your priority?

If you want the product that has the most scent-based reviews, then it would likely be one of the two Febreze products. Febreze is well-known for having many different scents available for their products and their fabric freshener sprays are no different.

No matter what style of fragrance you prefer, Febreze is likely to have an option that you would enjoy.

Of course, a preferred scent is a very personal choice, and it may be a matter of having a look at the specifics of each product’s odour before deciding which one you are most likely to favour.  


Fabric Freshener Spray FAQs

Can you use Febreze air freshener on fabrics?

You could use regular Febreze air freshener to freshen up fabrics, but it would be better to use Febreze Fabric instead, since that’s what it’s designed for.

Febreze Fabric is antibacterial, so it will kill bacteria that can produce unpleasant odours on your clothes. It’s also safe for almost all types of clothing, except leather.


How do you make clothes smell fresh without washing them?

There are few ways to make clothes smell fresh without putting them through a washing machine cycle. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a fabric freshener spray – This is a quick way to remove odours and freshen up clothes when you don’t have time to wash them.
  • Hang clothes outside – The sunlight and fresh air will help remove odours and refresh your clothes.
  • Put clothes in the freezer – Put your clothes inside a freezer bag and leave them in the freezer for a few hours. This can kill bacteria, making your clothes smell fresher.
  • Bicarbonate of soda – If your clothes smell musty, you can use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to absorb the musty odour. Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over your clothes in a bag, and shake it for a while before leaving it to sit for a few minutes. Take your clothes out and brush of the bicarbonate of soda. They should smell fresher.
  • Tumble dry with dryer sheets – Dryer sheets are small, scented sheets that you add to your tumble dryer to remove static and leave your clothes smelling nice. Popping your clothes in the dryer with a fragrant dryer sheet for 10 minutes or so can help make them smell nice.


How do you use fabric spray?

You should always follow the instructions on the particular product you buy carefully, making sure you don’t use it on anything the product says not to.

In general, you should follow these steps when using fabric spray:

  1. Do a patch test on an inconspicuous area just to make sure the spray doesn’t damage your clothes.
  2. Spray over clothing from about 20-25 cm away in a sweeping motion.
  3. Let the item of clothing air dry before you wear it.



Every option on this list is easily a strong contender for the best fabric freshener spray, but there is one that stands out above the others, and that is the Dettol Spray and Wear Fabric Clothes Freshener Spray, which is unique in that it not only eradicates smells, but it kills odour-causing bacteria as well!

The Dettol spray has a fresh and pleasant smell, and the bottle is compact and easy to put in a handbag or suitcase for use on the go. It’s still an affordable option and can be used on almost every type of clothing, including harder to wash items like suits and coats.