How to Reset a Tumble Dryer Timer

How to Reset a Tumble Dryer Timer

Your tumble dryer’s timer is an essential part of the machine. Not only does it tell the dryer how long to dry your clothes for, but on many models, it is linked to the drive motor itself.

So, if the timer is faulty, the tumble dryer simply won’t start the cycle at all.

Thankfully, a lot of manufacturers build in resets for tumble dryer timers.

Below, we’re going to tell you how each timer can be reset. While most manufacturers handle resetting the timer a bit differently, in most cases, there is a way of resetting it.


Resetting a Tumble Dryer Timer

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While resetting a tumble dryer timer is not too tricky, it’s important to know the right way to reset the timer for the model of tumble dryer you have.

Many tumble dryers feature a reset button on the control panel itself, and it’s a simple case of pressing this button (usually for a few seconds), and the timer will reset.

Other tumble dryers, though, that don’t have the reset button simply need to be unplugged. Just unplug your tumble dryer, wait for half an hour, plug the tumble dryer back in, and the timer should be reset.

Whirlpool, Samsung and Maytag tumble dryers, for example, don’t typically have reset buttons. So to reset the timer on these dryers, you’ll need to:

  1. Unplug the dryer.
  2. Wait for about 30 minutes for the internal memory of the timer to disappear.
  3. Plug the tumble dryer back in, and the timer will be reset.

Other popular tumble dryer brands like LG, Kenmore, AEG , INDESIT and Logik, for example, vary by model. This means they may have a reset button somewhere on the control panel, and they may not.

Some tumble dryers use the start button as the reset button. Holding the start button down for a few seconds can reset the timer and get your tumble dryer working again perfectly. 

Other dryer models have two buttons that you need to press to reset the timer.

how to reset tumble dryer timer


Does Your Tumble Dryer Have a Reset Button?

As you can see, resetting a tumble dryer’s timer can just be a case of unplugging the machine or pressing a button or two for a set amount of time. Easy, right? Well, only if you know which method will reset your tumble dryer timer.

If you aren’t sure, have a look at the manual for your tumble dryer. If you can’t find the tumble dryer in the drawer of doom or don’t even dare to open the drawer of doom at this stage, you can find tumble dryer manuals online.

Some manufacturers may also email you a copy of the manual if you’re completely stuck.

The manual should detail the reset procedure and how exactly to do it for your model.



If resetting your tumble dryer’s timer doesn’t seem to work, the issue may be somewhere else.

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