Best Smelling Fabric Conditioners

Best Smelling Fabric Conditioners (UK)

If you like to feel warm and cosy in the winter and comfortable in your clothes in the summer, fabric conditioner is a must. However, not all fabric conditioners are created equal. Some smell great, but they don’t give you the softness you want, while others give you the softness you need and none of the freshness.

This simply won’t do, so we have scoured the land to find the best smelling fabric conditioners that still give you all of the softness that you could ever want. So here they are, the best smelling fabric conditioners on the market right now. Enjoy!

1. Comfort Pure Concentrate Fabric Conditioner

Comfort Pure has a warming smell to it, so it’s great for this time of year. It has some greats hints of jasmine and plum thrown into the fragrance that gives your nose a nice little reminder of the fabric conditioner every so often. This fabric conditioner is also perfect for sensitive skin, in fact, it is designed for it.

A three-litre bottle of this concentrated fabric conditioner is going to last you a long time, up to 85 washes to be exact. Grab a bottle of this if you want a lot of washing to smell wonderful!

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2. Comfort Blue Skies Concentrate Fabric Conditioner

Blue Skies has a fresh smell that can take you back to summer in the winter or keep you in a summery mood all year round. It provides a wonderful softness to all of your clothes and can make your clothes dry faster and iron easier!

Combine all of this with the powerful odour protection, and you have one of the best fabric conditioners on the market. The scent that Blue Skies gives your clothes is lovely, but it is the smells that it keeps away that makes this one of the best.

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3. Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner

Fairy has always been known for keeping your hands smooth, well, this fabric conditioner won’t do that, unless you wash some gloves of course. To quote Fairly this fabric conditioner is “huggably soft” and great for sensitive skin. It is also good for the nose too, providing your clothes with a freshness that is hard to come by. Fairy makes some great cleaning products, and this is certainly one of the best of the lot.

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4. Comfort Sunshine Fabric Conditioner

Fancy sunshine in a bottle? Well, this is the fabric conditioner for your home then! Once again like the other Comfort fabric conditioners on this list, this one smells great, gives wonderfully soft results and protects them from nasty odours. If you fancy being swept away by the long-lasting smell of summer while you’re washing and wearing clothes, give this one a try.

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5. Lenor Gold Orchid Fabric Conditioner

Lenor Gold Orchid can reduce wrinkles, cut down on ironing and drying time and decreases static cling. It does all of this while keeping your clothes nice and soft and smelling glorious.

Gold Orchid is part of a fancy range from Lenor that gives your clothes a wonderful smell and still keeps all of the good stuff from a traditional fabric conditioner. For a spot of luxury, add a dash of this into your washing machine and smell like a golden plant, it sounds weird when we put it like that, but it’s nice, honestly.

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We hope at least one of these fabric conditioners has the perfect smell for you. If you would like to find out more about other household items, please take a look around our website. We have loads of articles on here that can help you find the best products for your home and your family.


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