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Best Smelling Fabric Softeners & Conditioners in the UK

If you like to feel warm and cosy in the winter and comfortable in your clothes in the summer, fabric conditioner is a must. However, not all fabric conditioners are created equal. Some smell great, but they don’t give you the softness you want, while others give you the softness you need and none of the freshness.

This simply won’t do, so we have scoured the land to find the best smelling fabric conditioners that still give you all of the softness that you could ever want. So here they are, the best smelling fabric conditioners on the market right now. Enjoy!

Best Smelling Fabric Softeners in the UK

1. Comfort Strawberry and Lily Fabric Conditioner and Softener Liquid

Crafted by perfume experts, this is a  fantastic product offered by Comfort that you can’t go wrong with.

Ideal for those who enjoy fruity scents, this product offers a delightful blend of strawberry and lily, at a better price than your local supermarket.

When mixed with laundry detergent the conditioner provides an unparalleled level of softness, and freshness that lasts. Not only that, but the soothing liquid has a powerful impact on the fabric fibres of your clothes, so that they’re perfect for easy ironing.

The formula isn’t as powerful for use on towels though, so the level of softness declines slightly.


2. Comfort Blue Skies Concentrate Fabric Conditioner

Blue Skies has a fresh smell that can take you back to summer in the winter or keep you in a summery mood all year round. It provides a wonderful softness to all of your clothes and can make your clothes dry faster and iron easier!

Combine all of this with the powerful odour protection, and you have one of the best fabric conditioners on the market. The scent that Blue Skies gives your clothes is lovely, but it is the smells that it keeps away that makes this one of the best.


3. Comfort Waterlily and Lime Fabric Conditioner and Softener Liquid

Comfort’s waterlily and lime offers an unusual combination of scents to produce a surprisingly delightful overall result.

The product itself offers excellent value for money, just a small addition to your washing load adds more fragrance in every drop to lock in the invigorating scents. At 1.9 litres capacity, it provides enough volume for many weeks of clean, fresh clothes.

Despite being a powerful blend, it still helps your clothes to maintain their colour so that you always look your best.

That being said, the smell is quite different to regular conditioners so it’s an acquired taste, but great if you want to try something new!


4. Comfort Intense Luxurious Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

The ultra-concentrated Comfort intense brand is the best solution for long lasting, strong scented clean washing, even after folding and putting away.

The scent itself is somewhat indescribable, but it definitely lives up to the “Luxurious” name. When combined with a high-quality detergent, it helps to preserve the colour as well as the softness of your clothing.

The best part is that the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, to minimise your impact on the environment. With enough for roughly 60 washes, it offers excellent value for money. The only minor downside is the spout on the top of the bottle can be awkward to use for some.


5. Lenor Concentrate Spring Awakening Fabric Conditioner

Lenor Spring Awakening can reduce wrinkles, cut down on ironing and drying time and decreases static cling. It does all of this while keeping your clothes nice and soft and smelling glorious.

Lenor is known for its great-smelling fabric softener that gives your clothes a wonderful scent while still keeping all of the good stuff from a traditional fabric conditioner. For a spot of luxury, add a dash of this into your washing machine and smell like a fresh spring breeze, it sounds weird when we put it like that, but it’s lovely, honestly.


We hope that at least one of the fabric conditioners in our list has the perfect smell for you. Keeping your clothes smelling great and fresh for longer is something we all strive for – don’t you love getting a fresh top out of the drawer and getting that satisfying whiff of your favourite laundry scents? We do too and there are plenty of products and ways to ensure you get amazing-smelling washing every time!

Smelling Laundry

How do I get my laundry to smell really good?

As well as fabric softeners and fabric conditioners there are a few other ways of keeping your laundry smelling its absolute best. It all starts with a clean washing machine!

Washing machines can build up with dirt and get damp and mouldy over time, so keeping on top of your washing machine cleaning is the first step to getting the best smelling clothes after washing. If your machine is suffering from bad drum breath, then check out our post about why your washing machine might be spongy. You’ll find some great info here on how to clean your trusty washing machine.

Once you’re sure your washing machine is squeaky clean, you should be able to reap the full benefits of great smelling fabric softeners or whichever other laundry products you choose to use. Here are a couple of other products that can keep your laundry fresh as a daisy:

  • In Wash Scent Boosters – these little pellets are added to your drum before the laundry goes in and they disintegrate in the wash adding even more fresh smells to your favourite clothes. Our favourites are Lenor Unstoppables.
  • EcoEggs – get fresh scented laundry and save money wash-for-wash with an EcoEgg. These egg-shaped containers are filled with natural detergent pellets which slowly dissolve in each wash (up to 720 washes with the larger ones) and your laundry could smell like a Spring Blossom or Fresh Linen.

If you would like to find out more about other household items, please take a look around our website. We have loads of articles on here that can help you find the best products for your home and your family.