Can You Wash Dry Clean Only Curtains

Can You Wash “Dry Clean Only” Curtains?

As the name suggests, it’s generally advised that “dry clean only” curtains are dry cleaned only! However, whatever the reason, whether it be financial or practicality, there are times when washing your “dry clean only” curtains at home would be preferable.

If this is the case, read on and you’ll find out how you can wash your dry clean only curtains without them coming to any harm!


Machine Wash

Machine washing dry clean only curtains

When using a washing machine to wash your curtains, it’s really important to remember these tips:

  • Choose the gentlest setting possible – This should prevent creasing and distortion of the curtain lining
  • Select the cold temperature setting Exposure to heat could damage and distort the material
  • Not too much detergent (and avoid harsh chemicals at all costs!) – This will risk damaging the material (common theme going on here!). Instead use a small amount of soap
  • Wash one curtain at a time and don’t mix with other washing – This should prevent any snagging on the material and colours running
  • Hang dry – After the cycle has come to a finish, remove from the washer and leave to hang dry. Spread them out well when drying, this will help to avoid any unwanted creases
  • Beware of the washer! – Unfortunately, there’s always a risk that your dry clean only curtains could not come out the way you envisaged when washing at home, hence the “dry clean only” warning. But if you stick to these tips, it should work out fine for you!


Hand Wash

Hand washing dry clean only curtains

Often, hand washing is a more appropriate and safer choice than a machine wash, especially for more delicate materials such as lace. Here is how to hand wash your “dry clean only” curtains:

  1. Fill a bathtub with cool water
  2. Submerge your curtains in the water
  3. Using a light detergent – no harmful chemicals! – softly rub small sections of the curtain in a circular motion. You don’t need to do this for long (only around 10 seconds per section), unless there is a stain that needs working into more.
  4. After washing, drain the tub and rinse the curtains with cold water. Ring the curtains out so that they’re not holding any water
  5. Hang your curtains to dry. As before, spread them evenly to avoid them creasing or appearing uneven

Whilst the methods above are likely to provide good quality results, dry clean only curtains are labelled dry clean only for a reason!

It is highly recommended that you stick to dry cleaning if possible. This only needs to be done a couple of times per year so is generally worth the extra faff!

However, if you can’t or decide not to use dry cleaning for any reason, follow these tips and look forward to nice and clean curtains!