How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains

How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains?

Curtains provide privacy, block out light at night and add interesting textures and colours to pull a room together. But did you know that they also filter dust and other particles from the air?

Textile curtains can act as filters as they trap dust and other particles floating around in the air in their fibres. Whilst they won’t filter out all particles, especially small ones, they will trap whatever is swirling around in the air when the window’s open. 

This is great news for keeping the air inside a room fresh to an extent. However, this filtered dust can build up in your curtains and left too long, escape back into the air.

So, you may be wondering how often to clean curtains. In this article, we’ll look at how often to wash curtains from fabric to shower curtains.


Are You Supposed to Wash Curtains?

washing curtains

Yes, all types of curtains, from fabric to shower curtains need to be washed regularly.

As mentioned, dust, skin and dander, if you have pets, are all filtered by curtains. These particles build up on curtains which can cause respiratory problems in those with asthma.

Curtains not only absorb dust and grime, but also odours. If you have pets, smoke or have curtains in the kitchen, the odours will penetrate the fabric of your curtains and linger.

Curtains can also provide an environment in which mould can grow, especially shower curtains.


How Often Do Curtains Need to Be Washed?

The general consensus on how often to clean curtains is every 3-6 months.

However, if you have pets, smoke, live in a dusty area or someone in your home has allergies, it may be better to wash them more often, every 1-2 months.


How Often Should You Wash a Shower Curtain?

shower curtain

Shower curtains require more regular cleaning than fabric curtains. This is because water collects on them and these damp conditions are perfect for mould growth.

It’s best to wash shower curtains once a month to prevent mould spores from developing and to remove them as soon as possible if they have formed.

Since shower curtains are made from plastic, they can be washed by spraying with vinegar and wiping down with a cloth.  Be sure to check the care label as some shower curtains can be machine washed on a lower temperature.


How Can You Freshen Curtains Without Washing Them?

vacuuming curtains

It’s not recommended to forgo washing your curtains. However, if you can’t wash them right away, you can vacuum your curtains regularly to remove the dust and dirt build-up. 

You can also spray them with a textile spray to mask the odours in between washes.

If you own a steamer, you can also steam your curtains to freshen them up. This doesn’t replace washes so you will still need to give them a full clean every 3-6 months by following the instructions in the next section.


How Do You Wash Curtains?

line dry curtains

Check the care label as you may be able to machine wash and line dry your curtains. Otherwise, if you don’t have the care label, it’s safer to get them dry cleaned.

As previously mentioned, be sure to vacuum your curtains before washing to remove as much dust as possible.

Don’t forget the area around the curtains as well, curtain rails, window sills and windows can also get dusty and grimy. Take advantage of the curtains being in the wash to give these areas a little attention.