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What Is the “Do Not Tumble Dry Symbol” in the UK?

Before you put any new clothes in your tumble dryer, it’s worth looking for this label. The label that is pictured below.

Do not tumble dry symbol UK

The “Do Not Tumble Dry” symbol is a square with a circle inside it with a cross going through the centre of it. The “Tumble Dry” symbol is just the square and the circle.


Examples of the “Do Not Tumble Dry” Symbol

Here are some examples of clothing labels featuring this symbol, so you know what to look for.


Why You Can’t Tumble Dry Certain Fabrics

Now you know the labels to look for, you might be wondering why you can’t tumble dry certain clothes.

Like many of you, I thought the only reason you couldn’t tumble dry certain fabrics was because of the heat involved. We have all seen an adult wool jumper come out of a tumble dryer looking like it was tailored for a child, right?

However, there is another reason too. Some fabrics cannot deal with the motion of a tumble dryer either.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the garments that can’t be tumble dried are affected by the heat, but others can be destroyed by the motion as well.

For example, clothing with sequins or beads can be destroyed if they are put in a tumble dryer. Fabrics like wool and silk, on the other hand, are more likely to shrink due to the heat.


Fabrics to Avoid Putting in the Tumble Dryer

If you really aren’t sure whether you can put a garment in the tumble dryer, risking it is risky business.

If you put your new silk blouse in the tumble dryer because you are in a rush to go out, you may find that you have a rock a crop-top at your very important meeting!

Here is a guideline as to what avoid putting in the tumble dryer:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Any item with beads or sequins
  • Bras (the wire in a bra can be bent in the tumble dryer)

Follow these tumble drying rules and all of your clothing will survive the washing routine. For more washing tips, please check out the rest of our articles on here.

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