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Leaving Clothes in the Washing Machine Overnight – How Long Is Too Long?

We’ve all been there! You’re tired, you’ve had a long day, but you decide to put on a wash anyway.

When it comes time to hang the washing up or transfer it into the tumble dryer, your mind, body, and soul just cannot face the chore!

So, how long can you leave clothes in the washing machine? Will, you need to add ‘rewash the clothes in the washing machine’ to your to-do-list the next day? Let’s find out, shall we?


How Long Can You Leave Wet Clothes in the Washing Machine?

You can normally leave clothes in the washing machine for 8 hours after washing without odours forming.

Most experts agree that leaving clothes in the washing machine overnight is fine. Some say that clothes can be left in the washing machine for about 8 hours. Others say 12 hours.

Wet washing can begin to develop a damp smell in about 8 hours, although some sources say it takes 12 hours for odours to appear.

So, as long as you don’t have a lay in the day after leaving your washing in the machine, you should be fine. If you do leave your washing in the machine for 12 hours, though, try hanging the items outside.

Outside, your washing can air out more and so if it is beginning to smell at that point, the better air circulation outside should stop the odour in its tracks.

If you plan on putting the items in the tumble dryer after an overnight bath in the washing machine, the spinning power of the tumble should also counteract any early signs of smells on the clothes too.

If you’re going to hang the clothes up inside, though, you may want to consider rewashing them if they have sat in the washing machine for over 8 hours.

Who knew that leaving washing in the washing machine could be such a time-sensitive subject? Well, all of us who have favoured sleep over wanting to hang washing out in the middle of the night!

But still! We hope this washing article has helped you with your washing needs. To find out more about the ever-fascinating task of washing clothes, explore our website more.

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