Squeaker dog toys in washing machine

Can You Put Dog Toys with Squeakers in the Washing Machine?

Dogs don’t have the cleanest mouths, so properly cleaning their toys is a must. While normal soft toys are easy enough to wash, what are you meant to do about ones with squeakers in them?

Can you put dog toys with squeakers in the washing machine? Let’s take a look.


Can You Put Dog Toys with Squeakers in the Washing Machine?

In most cases, if the toy’s care instructions say it can be machine washed, it should be fine to do so.

Note, though, that squeakers can fill with water during washing, which will stop them from working.

So, washing soft dog toys containing squeakers is never foolproof, but it’s often the easiest way.

Although hot water cycles (60 degrees Celsius and above) are best for killing bacteria and germs, these temperatures can damage plastic squeakers and toy fillings.

Therefore, it’s best to wash them on a cool cycle (30 degrees Celsius) to avoid this.

It’s also worth noting that rubber toys containing squeakers are best hand-washed. This is mainly because they can damage your washing machine during the spin cycle.

Of course, if you’re unsure whether your dog’s squeaky toy can be machine-washed, simply do it by hand.

Airedale terrier with squeaky dog toy in mouth

What’s the Best Way to Wash Dog Toys?

If your dog’s toy can’t go in the washing machine, the next best option is to wash it by hand.

The products you use depend on what the toy is made from, but some general instructions are as follows.

Washing rubber dog toys

Rubber squeaky toys are best washed with washing up liquid rather than laundry detergent.

Run a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of mild or natural washing up liquid. Then just scrub it with a sponge and rinse thoroughly before drying.

Try to avoid using harsh washing up liquids, as they won’t be safe for your dog. Something like Ecover’s Camomile washing up liquid is ideal because it’s entirely natural.

Washing plush dog toys

If your dog’s plush toy can’t be machine washed, you can do it by hand using warm water and laundry detergent.

Again, use a mild and/or natural product if possible.

Mix a few drops in a bowl of water and scrub the toy with a cloth or sponge.

If you’re concerned about damaging the filling or squeaker, just avoid submerging the toy.

Then rinse the toy or sponge it off with clean water and leave to air dry.

Regardless of how you wash the squeaky toy, don’t put it in the tumble dryer. Doing so could damage the squeaker and the filling.


Final Thoughts

Cleaning squeaky dog toys takes a bit more care than normal toys, but it’s still possible to get them shiny and new.

Make sure you wash your dog’s toys every few weeks to keep them clean, and always rinse them thoroughly to avoid any traces of the washing product.

Provided you’re careful, there shouldn’t be any problems with the squeaker working for years to come.