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Best Washing Up Liquids for Sensitive Skin (UK)

Many of us have experienced unpleasant reactions on our skin after using washing up products that contain harsh chemicals and these reactions can be highly frustrating and leave us feeling helpless and discouraged.

Washing up liquid is an important part of our daily washing up routine, and it can be much more challenging when our chosen washing up liquid causes an uncomfortable or painful reaction with our skin.

Luckily, there are now a number of excellent washing up liquids available that are both affordable and created specifically for sensitive skin. Most of these options are also environmentally conscious and plant-based or biodegradable.

Best Washing Up Liquid for Sensitive Skin in the UK

1. Bio-D Washing Up Liquid Fragrance-Free

Bio D Washing-Up Liquid, 5L

Scent: Fragrance free
Bottle size: 5 litres

Bio D is a family-owned company that is working to create a cleaner environment for us all. They create products that are both affordable and environmentally responsible.

Their washing up liquid is available in bulk format and is both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The product is also concentrated, which allows it to work more effectively for less product used.

It’s also designed to have a low environmental impact and is plant-based and safe for all users, especially those with sensitive skin. In addition, the product is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and the container is fully recyclable.

Some users have mentioned that the clear colour of the liquid can make it more difficult to see the amount that is being poured out, which could mean that you are using more of the product than necessary.


2. Ecozone Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

Ecozone Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

Scent: Fragrance free
Bottle size: 500 ml

Ecozone Sensitive Washing Up Liquid is designed to be allergy-friendly and gentle on sensitive skin.

This product has no scent and has a strong foam reaction while working to cut through the grease and grime that may remain caked onto your sink full of dishes.

The washing up liquid is great for delicate skin but some users have reported slight stinging on their hands after using the product.


3. BioMio Bio-Care Dishwashing Up Liquid

Scent: Tangerine
Bottle size: 450 ml

BioMio Bio-Care Dishwashing Liquid is an ecological and environmentally conscious product that is created with sensitive skin in mind.

It comes in a refreshing tangerine or lavender scent that is gentle and does not overwhelm the senses.

BioMio utilises cotton extract and other plant-based ingredients to ensure that their products are hypoallergenic as well as safe for sensitive skin that is prone to reactions to harsh chemicals.

The product is advertised as safe for use for washing your laundry and even fruits and vegetables in addition to your dishes. It is also fully safe for babies and any infant products that may need to be washed.

There is also a fragrance-free version of the BioMio dishwashing liquid for those who prefer their dishwashing experience to be unscented.

In addition, the bottle is fully recyclable and the manufacturing facilities where the company creates its products have been CO2 neutral for a decade.

Some users mentioned that the liquid did not lather as well as expected and tends to wash away quickly, which can cause more of the product to be used than necessary.

It is one of the pricier options on the list but is known to leave dishes shining after use, especially glasses, which are left sparkly and without any trace of a soapy residue.


4. Eco-Max Washing-Up Liquid – Fragrance-Free

Eco-Max Washing-Up Liquid

Scent: Fragrance free
Bottle size: 740 ml

Eco-Max Washing Up Liquid is perfect for those who prefer a scent-free option for their washing up liquid. It is fragrance-free as well as plant-based, biodegradable, and created with 100% green electricity.

These are all factors that make this product ideal for sensitive skin, and you don’t have to worry about it being less effective as it will still work successfully on tough and built-up greasy areas.

This washing up liquid contains aloe vera as well, which helps to keep it gentle on your skin and has moisturising properties, along with being entirely non-toxic and GMO-Free. In addition, the washing up liquid still manages to foam up nicely during the cleaning process.

The best way to use this product is to add 5-10 mls of the liquid to a sink full of warm water. Move the water around to create a foam and soak the dishes in the water before washing them with your usual sponge or brush.


5. Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid, 450 ml

Bottle size: 450 ml

Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid is fragrance-free and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. It has been created with no enzymes, dyes, or acids, and has been dermatologically tested as well as approved.

This washing up liquid is gentle on delicate skin and is a great choice for anyone with either allergies or sensitive skin.

Many users reported that the product was gentle and had no negative reaction to their usually sensitive skin. It also added to the moisture on the users’ hands and prevented dry skin from occurring.


How to Choose the Best Washing Up Liquid for Your Sensitive Skin

It can be difficult to decide which of these products are best for you, especially as they are all excellent options, and all have their own unique advantages.

There are a few ways to narrow it down a little more to figure out which of the five choices would suit you the most.

Are you looking for the most affordable option?

If you are looking for the most affordable option on the list and don’t mind buying your product in bulk, your best option would be to go for Bio-D Washing Up Liquid Fragrance-Free.

This is a highly efficient product that treats sensitive skin with care and is a concentrated liquid that ensures that you are required to use very little of it to see swift and successful results.

Looking for a fragrance-free option?

Do you prefer your washing up liquid to be unscented? There are a couple of options on this list that are either fully unscented or are available in an unscented version.

The two best options that offer an entirely fragrance-free option are Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid, which is both unscented and approved by the British Allergy Foundation, and Ecozone Sensitive Washing Up Liquid, which is both scent-free and maintains a strong foam reaction.

Are you environmentally conscious?

All the products on this list are environmentally friendly options, which is always good to hear when environmentally friendly products are what you are looking for. But there are a couple of options that stand out as a more effectual option.

The best option on the list for those who are environmentally conscious would be the BioMio Bio-Care Dishwashing Liquid. This product is created in a CO2 neutral manufacturing facility and comes in a recyclable bottle.

This product is so free from harsh chemicals that it is safe for baby products, as well as for washing fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

Washing dishes with washing up liquid

Washing Up Liquid for Sensitive Skin FAQs

Can washing up liquid irritate my skin?

Yes! Everyone has unique skin types and some people’s skin can be irritated by the fragrances, dyes, and preservatives in laundry detergents. The chemicals in detergents can trigger dermatitis on more sensitive skin types and it can become necessary to use products without any harsh chemicals.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin?  

There are various ways in which you will know that you have sensitive skin. There are several visible symptoms, such as dry skin, irritation, eczema, pimples, and redness.

There are also a number of invisible symptoms, including burning, itching, and stinging.

Is my skin becoming more sensitive with age?  

The answer to this is that our skin does tend to become more sensitive and more fragile as we get older. This happens because the epidermis or the surface layer of the skin begins to thin.

Can washing up liquid cause eczema?

It can’t cause eczema, but it is possible for your washing up liquid to trigger eczema symptoms. Everyone has different skin types and reactions to cleaning products will be different for each individual.

Various soaps and detergents can easily trigger skin conditions, especially if they are not designed for sensitive skin.

Can washing up liquid be harmful?  

Yes! As with most household cleaning products, it can be dangerous to ingest or have your eyes come into contact with washing up liquids, even if they have been created specifically for sensitive skin types.

Ingesting large volumes of washing up liquids can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.



If we had to take all of this information into account before selecting one option from our list, we would choose to recommend Bio-D Washing Up Liquid Fragrance-Free.

This product is the most affordable and also effective option on the list and is both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The company is family-owned and is working hard to create a more environmentally responsible product than other similar options.