Hoodies in washing machine

Can You Put Hoodies in the Washing Machine?

Hoodies are casual, easy-going clothing. Luckily, their care instructions are just as easy-going as the garment itself.

However, you might still be asking yourself whether it’s fine to put your hoodie in the washing machine. Read on to find out the answer.


Can You Put Hoodies in the Washing Machine?

It’s generally fine to put hoodies in the washing machine. Cotton and cotton-blend fabrics don’t have any problems.

Your only concern should be with anything containing wool, as this requires special washing. However, it’s still suitable for the washing machine, provided you use the correct cycle.

Although washing a hoodie can be as simple as throwing it in your washing machine, there are plenty of considerations if you want to keep it looking fresh and fluffy for as long as possible.

Here are some of the best tips:

1. Turn it inside out

Turning any garment inside out helps protect the side people actually see. It stops the outer side from rubbing against anything else in the machine, and it’ll also help protect any graphics or prints on your hoodie.

If it’s a zip-up hoodie, make sure the zip is done up before washing.


2. Wash in cold water

Cold washing cycles (30 degrees Celsius or lower) help prevent shrinkage and colour bleeding. Luckily, it can still remove stains and marks, so there’s no reason to wash your hoodie at higher temperatures.


3. Don’t wash it that often

This might sound gross, but clothes last longer if you don’t wash them too regularly. Of course, wash your hoodie if it’s dirty, but hold off on washing it after every wear. Not only does this cause the colour to fade faster, it can also lead to pilling (bobbles) on cotton and wool fabrics.


4. Don’t use fabric softener

Again, this might sound counter-intuitive, but you don’t need fabric softener.

Over time, it can build up a greasy layer on your favourite hoodie, which can impact the fabric’s properties. Instead, use wool dryer balls in the tumble dryer, or air dry.

You could also add a small amount of white vinegar to the wash, as this acts as a natural fabric softener.

Vinegar helps stop colours from running too, which is vital for brightly-coloured hoodies.


Do Hoodies Shrink in the Wash?

Even washing at 30 degrees Celsius can lead to some shrinkage in hoodies. While it shouldn’t be much, it’s generally possible to reverse the problem just by wearing the garment. It’ll never shrink so much that it no longer fits.

However, you can reverse major shrinkage by soaking the hoodie in warm water and then stretching it back into shape on a towel.

Note though, that this won’t work for wool hoodies, as stretching like this can break the fibres.


Final Thoughts

Washing hoodies is pretty straightforward. However, if you’ve paid a lot of money for your hoodie and it’s one of your prized items of clothing, make sure you follow the tips above to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.