Hotel Bed with Smooth Sheets

How Do Hotels Keep Sheets Wrinkle Free?

If you’ve stayed in a nice hotel, then you’ll have surely noticed the lovely wrinkle-free sheets that greet you when it’s time to hit the hay.

Climbing into a fresh hotel bed at the end of a busy day is a treat that many of us only get to experience every once in a while, but what if we said you can get this same feeling at home!?

Of course, you don’t get the added bonus of room service and no obligations to clean or do anything you don’t want to, but recreating this luxurious sleep feeling in your bedroom means there’s no checkout time and you get comfort and joy every single night!

Crisp, white, crinkle-free bedding does not have to be limited to hotels alone!


What Is the Hotel Secret to Keeping Sheets Wrinkle-Free?

Oftentimes, hotels will use 100% cotton bedsheets, this is due to their natural, luxury feel and higher quality.

If you’ve ever owned any 100% cotton clothing or bedding, then you’ll know that when it creases, it creases badly! So how do hotels keep sheets wrinkle-free?

Firstly, most hotels outsource their laundering services as it can take up a lot of valuable space washing such a vast number of sheets daily.

Professional laundrettes will collect used bedding and take it to be cleaned off-site in a place with all of the necessary means to be able to cope with such a large number.

Secondly, because hotel bedsheets get washed so frequently, this helps to soften the fibres and make creasing easier to manage over time.

Large pressing machines called flatwork ironers are the main secret to wrinkle-free sheets in hotels.

These industrial-sized irons can run entire sheets under the roller against a hot plate to completely smooth any wrinkles.

You can get similar (much smaller) pressing machines for use in the home, but these are better suited to a getting professional finish on your clothes.

However, they could be a handy addition to your laundry process if you tend to spend hours at the ironing board.

Putting sheets in washing machine

A Simple Trick to De-Wrinkle

De-wrinkling your bedsheets does not have to involve stripping the bed and ironing the duvet cover or sending it off to the laundrette. For a quick-fix, all you need is a spray bottle and some tap water.

With a full spray bottle set to mist, spritz water all over the sheet while it is still untucked – lightly for mild wrinkles but apply slightly more water for deeper creases (don’t soak it though, as this won’t do anything).

Pull the duvet cover tight and shake lightly until you see the creases dropping. Then use the “hospital corner fold” method which will pull everything nice and flat and leave you with a lovely smoothly made bed.

Water Spray Bottle and text

QUICK TIP: Add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the water to make your bed smell delightful – lavender is perfect for promoting the calm you need to sleep.


How Do You Fold a Hospital Corner?

To keep the bed looking smooth and neat, try tucking your duvet cover underneath the mattress. There is a special way to do this that you may have seen on hospital beds as well as in hotel rooms.

The “hospital corner fold” (mentioned above) is pretty easy to do – lift the edge of your bedsheet to form a 45-degree angle with your mattress, then pull and tuck the hanging fabric under the mattress.

This video below illustrates how to form these corner folds brilliantly:


How Do I Keep My Bed Sheets Wrinkle-Free?

We have a post about how to get wrinkles out of your duvet cover which has some handy tips and tricks to getting the smoothest duvet cover in town and goes into a little more detail! Here are some quick tips to ensuring your bedsheets stay as wrinkle-free as possible:

  • Opt for cotton/polyester blends for bedding for easier crease control.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine.
  • Hang bedsheets on the line to dry and allow gravity to do its thing.
  • Use a garment steamer while your sheets are hanging up.
  • Lightly iron the surface of your duvet while it’s on the bed.
  • Get a professional to clean your bedding