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Best Quick-Wash Washing Machines (UK)

If you’re in a hurry to get your clothes clean – and let’s face it, in today’s world, most of us are – then the ‘quick wash’ feature on your washing machine will be a lifesaver.

A ‘quick wash’ cycle will work as its name suggests – it will clean your clothes at a faster rate than a normal cycle.

Depending on the machine, this can take anywhere from between 15 minutes up to 1 hour. While it can be tempting to use this setting for every washing load, one of the downsides to using a quick-wash setting is that it may leave your clothes without that perfectly fresh feeling.

However, quick washes are more eco-friendly, as it spins the clothes faster, extracting more water from them and therefore using less water overall. This will also cause less strain on your washing machine, so it will last you for longer and mean less issues in the long run.

But how do you find the best quick-wash washing machine? With so many great washing machines to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to find one that suits you and your lifestyle.

For your convenience, we’ve narrowed it down to five of the best quick-wash washing machines, along with our top tips to help you find your perfect product!

Let’s take a look at the best quick-wash washing machines to help you get your clothes cleaner, faster!

Best Quick-Wash Washing Machines in the UK

1. Hisense WFQA1014EVJMT 10 kg Washing Machine

Hisense WFQA1014EVJMT 10 kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 10 kg
Quick wash time: 15 minutes
Energy rating:
84.5 x 59.5 x 61 cm
Installation type: Freestanding

The Hisense WFQA1014EVJMT 10 kg washing machine has a sleek, titanium finish that is both modern and easy to clean. For last-minute emergencies of small washing loads, this Hisense washing machine has a 15-minute quick wash program.

The large drum size is perfect for large families or messy households, and can help you get through your washing quickly.

The inverter motor with frictionless magnets means that this washing machine is relatively quiet, with a spin volume of just 72 dB.

This washing machine is easy to use, and has a variety of different programs, including allergy care, baby care, and a steam function.


2. Hoover H-WASH 500 HW411AMC/1 11 kg Washing Machine

Hoover H-WASH 500 HW411AMC1 11Kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 11 kg
Quick wash time: 14 minutes
Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 62 cm
Installation type: Freestanding

If you need a washing machine with a large capacity that still offers a good quick wash function, the Hoover H-Wash 500 is worth considering.

The 11 kg capacity is perfect for extra-large households or families with young children, and the 14-minute quick wash function is perfect for Sunday night emergencies.

Busy, tech-savvy households can benefit from the WiFi connectivity function that allows you to control your appliance remotely, and you can even download extra programs through the app.

If you register the appliance, you’ll get a 10-year motor warranty. However, some people do find that the buttons can be difficult to use if you struggle with fine motor control.


3. Haier HW100-B1439NS8 10 kg Washing Machine

Haier HW100-B1439NS8 10Kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 10 kg
Quick wash time: 15 minutes
Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 85 x 59.5 x 60 cm
Installation type: Freestanding

The Haier HW100-B1439NS8 washing machine has a handy 10 kg capacity and sleek, modern graphite finish.

For small, lightly soiled loads, this machine has a 15-minute quick wash cycle. For heavily soiled loads, such as grass stains or red wine, you can benefit from the steam setting.

The motor in this machine produces 67 dB of noise, making this one of the quieter washing machines on this list. The delay timer can schedule the cycle up to 24 hours ahead of time, helping you take advantage of off-peak energy rates.

This Haier washing machine has a large door for easy loading, and the variety of wash cycles will help you look after even delicate clothing. However, some people do find that the spin cycle isn’t quite as effective as some other machines.


4. Samsung Series 5 ecobubble™ WW90TA046AE 9 kg Washing Machine

Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AE 9Kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 9 kg
Quick wash time: 15 minutes
Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 55 cm
Installation type: Freestanding

Samsung is renowned for great features, and the Series 5 ecobubble is no exception. This washing machine is energy efficient, able to tackle even nasty stains, and the capacity is ideal for a medium-sized household too.

For odd items that need washing in a hurry, you can benefit from a 15-minute quick wash.

This reasonably priced washing machine has a variety of cycles to help you clean even the strangest of garments, and Samsung’s Bubble Soak feature is perfect for removing stains in kids clothing.

However, at 74 dB, this washing machine is louder than some others, and some people find that small items, such as kids socks, get caught in the door’s seal.


5. Bosch Series 4 WGG04409GB 9 kg Washing Machine

Bosch Series 4 WGG04409GB 9 kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 9 kg
Quick wash time: 15 minutes
Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 84.8 x 59.8 x 58.8 cm
Installation type: Freestanding

The Bosch Series 4 WGG04409GB washing machine features several specialist features including a handy Hygiene Plus allergy setting, a wool program, and a 15-minute SuperQuick quick wash cycle.

This washing machine proves to be easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow, and the performance is pretty good too. The variety of cycle lengths makes it easy to find a compromise between your needs and eco-friendliness.

Another plus is that it’s relatively quiet, producing 72 decibels of noise on the spin cycle.

While the 15-minute program is useful, some users complain that the other programs are very long, and there is no 1-hour program available.


6. Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB Integrated 8 kg Washing Machine

Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB Integrated 8 kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 8 kg
Quick wash time: 15 minutes
Energy rating: C
Dimensions: 81.8 x 59.6 x 54.4 cm
Installation type: Integrated

If you’re looking for an integrated washing machine with a good quick wash cycle, the Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB could be a good choice.

It features a choice of 14 washing programmes including a 15-minute quick wash cycle which is suitable for washing 2 kg of laundry.

The other programmes available include a Wool, Eco, Mixed Load and Sportswear.

This machine is expensive, but it has the excellent build quality you’d expect from Bosch. One nice feature is that it projects the time left onto the floor so you don’t need to open the integrated door.

One of the best things about this washing machine is how quiet it is, with a noise level of just 66 decibels on the spin cycle. This makes it one of the quietest washing machines in the UK according to our research.

There isn’t much to complain about with this washing machine, which is reflected by the very positive user reviews.


7. Beko WTIK72151 Integrated 7 kg Washing Machine

Beko WTIK72151 Integrated 7Kg Washing Machine

Capacity: 7 kg
Quick wash time: 14 minutes
Energy rating: C
Dimensions: 82 x 60 x 56 cm
Installation type: Integrated

This affordable washing machine from Beko could be a good choice if you’re on a budget and are looking for an integrated machine with a great quick wash option.

The Beko WTIK72151 can wash 2 kg of laundry in a 14-minute quick wash cycle, or a full load in just 28 minutes.

The 7 kg capacity means this washing machine isn’t particularly big. However, it is designed with a large 34 cm porthole door, making it possible to fit big items like duvets in.

In addition to the quick wash options, there is a huge choice of programmes available including Anti-Allergy, Delicate, Hand Wash and Sportswear cycles.

Many users are pleased by how quiet this machine is. Producing 71 decibels of noise on the spin cycle, the Beko WTIK72151 is relatively quiet, though not the quietest machine on the market.


FAQs on Quick Wash Cycles

What washing machine has the fastest wash cycle?

Quick wash cycles can be an absolute lifesaver on a Sunday night when you have a last-minute school uniform emergency. Most modern washing machines do have a quick wash cycle, but exactly how long this takes depends on the brand and the model.

The vast majority of quick wash cycles have a 15- or 20-minute cycle that can handle just a couple of kilos of lightly soiled laundry. The fastest cycles available, however, tend to be about 14 minutes, including the Hoover H-Wash washing machine on this list.

That being said, there are some washing machines offering a 12-minute quick wash cycle, but these tend to be few and far between.


Is a quick wash cycle as good as a normal wash?

Quick wash cycles are designed for last minute emergencies of just a couple lightly soiled garments or clothes that just need a quick refresh.

When you wash just a couple of items using a quick wash cycle, the garments will come out clean as long as they aren’t heavily soiled. This is because the temperature does not get up as high, and the quicker wash and spin cycles means clothing will not wash or drain as effectively.

If you need to wash garments that smell, have stubborn stains or are heavily soiled, you will achieve much better results by washing using a standard cycle rather than the quick wash.

In the same way, if you attempt to wash too many garments using a quick wash, you might find that they either do not clean at all, or that they come out dripping wet because of the shorter spin cycle. You might also find residual soap left in the garments.


Can you do a full load on quick wash?

No, quick wash cycles aren’t designed to handle full loads. The quickest cycles, which can be as short as 14 minutes, are usually only designed to handle around 2 kg of laundry.

Quick wash cycles are good if you’re in a hurry and need to wash an outfit or a handful of laundry, but shouldn’t be used for full loads of laundry. You also shouldn’t use the quick wash option as your default, as it doesn’t do as good a job at cleaning laundry as a regular cycle would.

It’s best used for quickly refreshing clothes rather than cleaning them thoroughly.


Can you make your washing machine finish faster?

Aside from choosing the shortest cycles on your machine, like the quick wash option, there isn’t much you can do to speed your washing machine up.

Your washing machine will take as long as it needs to clean your clothes, while optimising for energy efficiency. It might seem counterintuitive, but newer washing machines are often slower than older machines as this helps them use less energy and water.

If your washing machine contains sensors to weight the load, it will probably finish faster if you clean a smaller load, as a smaller load of clothes will require less washing time.

If your washing machine does this and you want to wash something quickly, washing it with just a few other items should help speed things up. However, doing this on a regular basis would waste energy and water, as it would be more efficient to wash full loads.


Quick Wash Tips

1. Think before you load

While quick washes are, of course, great for getting your clothes washed speedily, and they can save energy and water, they aren’t the best option if you’ve got some heavy-duty stains to get rid of.

When this is the case, a quick wash won’t be as thorough, and you’ll likely need a longer, more powerful cycle to get the job done. This is because quick washes tend to use lower temperatures.

That’s why they’re ideal for loads that aren’t heavily soiled, but for items such as towels and bedding, it’s recommended to use a slower, full wash cycle for maximum cleanliness.


2. Use the right temperature

In order to fully kill germs and bacteria on your fabrics, hot temperatures are your best bet, and around 60 degrees will work well.

However, this isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, and it’s important to always read the care label on garments before placing them in a hot wash, as some items shouldn’t be washed on high temperatures.


3. Choose your detergent wisely

It’s essential that you choose the right detergent if you’re planning on frequently using the quick wash option.

For sensitive skin and delicate clothing, it is advised to use a non-biological detergent, as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, enzymes, or bleach.

This means it is not the most effective choice against removing stains, but is therefore more suited to a quick wash, which should be used for refreshing clothes and every day, lightly soiled items.

In addition to choosing a suitable detergent, it is also important not to overfill the machine when using a quick wash. It is advised to fill it to around 40% of its full capacity. This will give you the best results, as too many clothes inside means the detergent won’t be as evenly disturbed.


4. Clean your machine regularly

Low temperature washes on a regular basis, although energy-saving, can cause a build-up of bacteria within your washing machine. This can cause an unpleasant smell, too.

With this in mind, you can rectify this by simply running an empty wash cycle on a hot temperature around once every month or two. You don’t need to use any detergent, and you should then also clean the detergent drawers for extra cleanliness.



The quick wash function is a saviour in busy, modern life, and can help to free up a lot of time in your day.

However, not all machines come equipped with a great quick-wash feature, so it is essential that you consider this before you make a purchase. With that in mind, it’s not been easy to pick a winning machine from our product review. All of these products offer their own standout features that make them excellent choices if you need a high-quality quick wash.

After considering all of their features, though, my choice for the best quick-wash washing machine would be the Hisense WFQA1014EVJMT 10 kg Washing Machine since it has a large drum size, is relatively quiet and has a good choice of programs.

We hope this review has helped you to find the best quick-wash washing machine to help give you more time to enjoy your day and focus on what you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!