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Use Your iPhone to Decipher Laundry Symbols With This TikTok Hack

In a revelation last week, TikTok sensation Aleisa Mora (@wtfaleisa) unveiled a game-changing laundry hack.

This ingenious discovery involves utilising the iPhone camera to decipher the perplexing laundry symbols found on clothing care labels, without needing to download another app.

The viral TikTok video – now with over 4.2 million views – is a godsend for anyone scratching their heads over the confusing laundry care symbols.

The only question people are asking is why Apple didn’t shout about this built-in feature sooner.

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Aleisa Mora’s Viral Laundry Hack: The Details

In the viral TikTok video published last week, Mora demonstrated how iPhone users can leverage a built-in feature in the camera app to effortlessly understand laundry instructions.

“You can take a picture of the tags of the clothes, and if you have an iPhone, your phone will just tell you exactly how to take care of those clothes,” said Mora.

Mora demonstrated the hack with one of her shirts. Her step-by-step guide begins with capturing an image of the clothing tag.

The TikToker then called attention to Apple’s Visual Look Up feature—an icon of an “I” with “sparkles.”

Clicking on this icon initiates the “Look Up Laundry Care” feature, providing users with a comprehensive menu that deciphers the perplexing laundry symbols and outlines precise care instructions.

The results from Apple’s feature gave a breakdown of all the laundry care symbols, indicating whether @wtfaleisa’s shirt could be washed, bleached, tumble-dried, and ironed.

Mora expressed how impressed she was that this was possible without an app download: “That’s insane to me.”


A “Game-Changer”

Mora was more than satisfied with her discovery. “I love living in the future,” she exclaimed in the TikTok video, emphasising the sheer convenience of having a pocket-sized device capable of unravelling the mysteries hidden within clothing tags.

Unlike many TikTok hacks that ruin your clothes, Mora’s discovery was well-received among platform users who tried the hack themselves.

Viewers flooded the comments section, dubbing the hack a “game-changer” and echoing Mora’s sentiment of being born in the right generation.

“We live in the future,” commented TikToker @jesserkerr. Several stated how the hack was “so cool,” whereas another wrote they were “mind blown” after watching the video.

Other users were less than impressed. The main complaint among viewers was that laundry instructions were written on the tag above the icons.

One user, whose comment has received over 3k likes, explains that the hack is still useful for non-native English speakers: “[The instructions] are often in English by default and sold like that even in non-English speaking countries.”

Laundry Symbols on a Label


Unleashing the Full Potential of iPhone’s Visual Look Up Feature

As many TikTok users liked to point out, Aleisa Mora’s groundbreaking revelation about Apple’s Visual Look Up feature goes well beyond its laundry-centric application.

According to one user in the comments, the feature can do the “same with warning lights on your dash.”

Another viewer explains that it “will also identify flowers you take pictures of” and “tell you the breed of dogs.”

Indeed, the remarkable Apple feature empowers iPhone users to unlock the mysteries of various objects.

From identifying common plants and distinguishing between different pet breeds to unravelling the stories behind artworks and books, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

However, the transformative feature is not available on all iPhone models, exclusive to users with an iPhone SE or a later model running on iOS 16 or 17.

Nevertheless, with Apple releasing their iOS 16 update in September 2022, many TikTok users were taking to the comments to ask why this incredible feature wasn’t highlighted by Apple earlier.

“This is what I want Apple to tell me, not that my iCloud storage is full,” one person wrote.

Checking Laundry Symbols for Washing Instructions


Tackling Clothing Waste with Technology

This revolutionary tool not only simplifies the laundry process but also promotes sustainable practices in an era where clothing waste is a growing concern.

As the world grapples with finding solutions for tackling increased clothing waste, Mora’s discovery has come at precisely the right moment.  

Often, garments are discarded prematurely due to inadequate care or the misinterpretation of laundry symbols.

With this TikTok hack, users can confidently care for their wardrobe, ensuring longevity and reducing their environmental footprint.

So, if you’ve ever felt perplexed by the laundry symbols on your clothing tags, fear not – your iPhone is here to demystify the world of garment care, making laundry day a breeze.

Embrace the future of laundry care and bid farewell to the days of deciphering symbols. The revolution in laundry care is here, and it fits snugly in your pocket.