What Is Napisan Used For

What Is Napisan Used For?

No matter how clean your clothes look after a wash, there could be leftover stains and germs that might not be visible to the naked eye.

With the amount of dirt that we come in contact with, especially in terms of viruses, Napisan acts as a disinfectant and thoroughly sanitises your clothes. 

Napisan it is more effective than a regular detergent and gives you peace of mind for a powerful and hygienic wash. 

Napisan’s microbiological tests have shown that it is able to disinfect even at 30 degrees and safely kills all germs that may be present in your laundry. 

Its non-bio formula is exceptionally good in removing the toughest of stains. By releasing active oxygen during a wash, the Napisan can perform as it promises and even brightens whites.

Here we take a look at where it can be used, and how you should use it. 


What Can Napisan Be Used For? 

Napisan uses

You can use Napisan for washing almost all types of fabrics. Be it your everyday clothing or the bedsheets that you use, Napisan helps to clean and remove dirt and stains. 

Napisan can be used on family laundries like towels, pyjamas, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, curtains, innerwear, and even sports clothes. 

It is also safe to use on children’s items like cloth nappies, soft toys, bibs, shirts, and underwear. However, it is best not used on fabrics that are made of silk, woollen, or non-colourfast items. 

Remember that while Napisan is highly effective against common stains as mentioned above, other harsh elements like dried paint, dyes, ink, rust, and bleach damage cannot be removed by Napisan. 

An area where you can employ Napisan is for cleaning your shoes and trainers. Add a small amount of water to the Napisan to turn it into a fine paste.

Take a toothbrush or cloth and apply the paste on the soiled spot and rub it vigorously. Afterwards, wipe with a damp cloth for spotless footwear. 

Another method to remove tough stains or spilled coffee from trainers is to put Napisan in the dispenser inside the washing machine and set the device to a cold wash.

All you need is washing powder, Napisan, and a tiny amount of bleach. Once the process is over, air dry them and wear the squeaky-clean trainers to your heart’s extent. Remember not to use a tumble dryer, which might shrink the shoes or change their shape. 



If you take 100g of the Napisan powder, the ingredients you can find are as follows.

There are 3 grams of peracetic acid (from tetra-acetylethylenediamine (TAED) and sodium percarbonate) which acts as the primary disinfectant and bleaching agent. 

Any washing powder that contains TAED and sodium percarbonate allows the object to be cleaned efficiently at lower temperatures at reduced energy usage and minimises environmental impact. 

The carbonates present in Napisan hold one of the most crucial jobs. Short for sodium carbonates, this ingredient softens the water and helps clean your clothes by lifting dirt and soil adhered in between the fabric and suspending them in water. 

Surfactant, short for surface active agent, also helps in removing dirt by improving the wetting ability of water.

Oxygen-based bleaching agents are around 30% of the overall solution. Other category bleaching agents like chlorine or ammonia constrict the airways and make it difficult to breathe. Oxygen bleach is a much safer option and also leaves behind an amicable fragrance. 

5 to 15% of anionic and non-anionic surfactants are present and they work excellently to remove dirt, stains, and oils.

Other standard components like polycarbonates, optical brighteners, and perfumes make up an essential part of the list of ingredients and give Napisan the fragrance that is loved by children and adults alike. 


How to Use Napisan

How to Use Napisan

You can use Napisan for both washing and soaking, depending on the severity of the stain. 

For washing, add 35 grams of Napisan in the primary wash compartment. It should come to around two rounded dessert spoons. Add it along with your regular detergent in the usual compartment or to the liquid detergent in the dosing ball. 

In case of tough stains, you can even double the dosage amount. A measurement of 35 grams for regular wash and 70 grams for heavy stains should be sufficient.

If you plan on soaking, add 35 grams of Napisan into five litres of water. Again, it should roughly be two rounded dessert spoons. Let it soak without disturbance for a couple of hours, and then rinse it thoroughly.

If your clothes or fabrics are heavily soiled, and you have doubts if the dirt will ever come off, consider prolonging the soaking period to even up to 6-8 hours. Using lukewarm water also helps in the easy removal of unnecessary bits.

For disinfecting your clothes, it is advisable to add 60 grams of Napisan in 4 litres of water at 40 degrees celsius. Soak for an hour and then rinse as usual. 


Safety Precautions

Napisan Safety Precautions

It is essential that you handle Napisan with care as it contains components that are harmful to humans. The presence of ingredients like sodium percarbonates and other salts can cause severe eye damage. 

If it gets in your eyes by any chance, rinse them thoroughly and get medical attention immediately. Store the packet in a cool place and out of reach of children.