what temperature to wash white clothes

What Temperature Should You Wash White Clothes At?

White clothes can be tricky to wash. This is because there isn’t a singular temperature that is most effective on white garments, it simply depends on what exactly it is that you are washing. 


Why Is Temperature Important?

importance of wash temperature

The temperature of your wash cycle determines how effectively the germs and bacteria on your items will be destroyed. Certain items will not have collected large amounts of bacteria so it can be fine to wash them at a lower temperature, while other items will require a hotter wash. 


The Best Temperature for Washing Your White Clothes

Best Temperature for Washing Your White Clothes

Certain white garments, like reusable nappies, should always be washed at the hottest possible temperature, and ideally on a long cycle. This is because it’s very important to eradicate any bacteria that may be lingering on these clothes.

Some white garments can also go through a hotter wash, such as jeans and other cotton items like blouses and shirts. Just remember to always separate the whites from the colours, especially for a warmer wash cycle. 

Hotter cycles tend to run for longer and will have a higher agitation, which could mean severe damage to certain loose weaves or other natural fabrics. There are certain white items that could be destroyed in a hot wash, as the heat may cause them to shrink, tear or fade.

Delicates and other white items that are made from silk, wool, or are dyed should be washed in colder water, ideally at 30°C, with a good detergent so that most bacteria will still be eliminated. 



always check garment care label before wash

It remains important to always check the care label on your garments before you put them on any particular cycle as the instructions will be your guide to determining the best way to wash them.